Chapter Five

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The silence was terrible for Grayson ; the only sound was the girls soft breathing. The room that they were in was pretty decent in size.

Right when you walk in you see the hospital bed to the right and the Tv and a door to the bathroom to the left.

To the right of the bed was a decent sized window too. A chair also infront of the window.
Grayson went to the window to go check if it opens so that the girl can't jump out if she gets out of her restraints.

He moved the blinds and he as hit with a afternoon sunset and the busy streets of a town he didn't even know where he was.

I should really text my brother, Grayson thought as he took out his phone still looking out the window.

( Ethan in this font )
(Grayson in bold)


I was just on my way, your good?

Yeah I'm good, arms killing me though

A hero's work came with a price lol

Not you too 🙄 I'm no hero

If you say so ...... hero BHAHAHA

Oh shit hold up I'll be back in a bit mom wants me to call her

You told mom?

I mean yeah she's mom

Mommas boy😂

Haha very funny. Anyways I'll call you before I leave.

Once Grayson put his phone away he started checking the window again.

His good hand on the handle and he pushed the window outward. The window opened but just a gap. Not enough for the girl to jump out of.

"I'm not going to jump out or anything." He heard something mumble.

Being startled he snap around quickly seeing the girl laying down staring at him.

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