Nia Nal- Cafe: Part 2 (c)

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It must have been at least fifteen minutes of silence between the two of you before realisation washed over you both that Kara and Alex were not going to be returning. Some part of you was thankful that Nia may feel the need to start a conversation with you now, when you felt unable to; the other part was beyond annoyed that you were going to make a fool of yourself because your sisters decided to interfere.

"I don't think they are coming back," Nia whispered, almost inaudible to you.

"I don't think so either, they just wanted to meddle and leave," you muttered, instantly nervously realising that you had expressed too much about the situation, that could have easily been solved if you just said your sisters were being flaky.

"What do you mean meddling?" She asked looking up at you.

Your face dropped. Of course, you wanted to tell her that you cared for her, but it certainly wasn't how you wanted to tell her, nor did you want to tell her how you felt under a forced order from your sisters.

"Oh... um... yeah," you whispered, trying to think of a lie to tell Nia, however you had no ideas of what to say, so the truth was going to be your only choice.

You took a deep breath, trying to think of the least devastating way to tell her how you felt, hoping dearly to not let her laugh in your face for your unrequited feelings.

"I may have... um... told my sisters about some feelings I have... about some feelings that I have about you," you sighed, reluctant to tell her but knowing it was your only option.

Desperately you hoped you wouldn't ruin your friendship with her, even if she didn't love you how you loved her, you hoped that she could at least still see you as a friend.

"You... you have feelings for me," she whispered.

You nodded your head, trying to avoid direct eye contact with Nia. "I have liked you a lot for quite a while and well... Kara and Alex must have gotten sick of me talking about you and decided to make me act on my feelings by setting this up."

Nia's cheeks became red as she followed suit in looking down.

"Oh... um..." she laughed awkwardly. "I think I might have a role in this as well."

"What do you mean?" You asked her.

She let out another awkward laugh. "Kara figured out that I liked you and she wouldn't let me live it down. I was just always too anxious to tell you how I truly felt."

You finally looked up, a smile across your lips. "Maybe we could go out for a drink at some point."

Nia nodded her head, her smile mirroring yours.

Maybe that lunch wasn't the worst thing.

Written by Charlotte.

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