Kara Danvers- Coffee (c)

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Somehow your work place was a blessing and a curse. You worked with the woman you had loved for the last two years, and although being around her was the best thing in the world, it was also torture not being able to be with her in the way that you wanted to. Nevertheless, you were both working for CatCo and were close friends so it was inevitable that you would spend pretty much all your time together, meaning you had to hide how you actually felt about her.

Currently you were on your lunch break, Kara being on break too, both of you at the local coffee shop. You hadn't gone together, Kara a few people ahead of you in the queue, so you met at the end of the counter both waiting for your coffees. The barista came over with a tray of drinks, calling out names as she handed them to customers, Kara getting hers just before you received yours.

As you went to grab your coffee, Kara went to pass you. You being too scared that if you touched her, you would become faint or end up stumbling over the words you had always wanted to say to her but being far unable to do so, tried to quickly evaluate the situation to prevent yourself doing something stupid. Of course, that didn't happen. You stepped to the wrong side, bumping straight into Kara, knocking over your coffee and sending hers flying too. Your heart started to race, thinking that Kara would hate you but rather than that, she gave you an apologetic smile.

"I'm so sorry Y/N," she said quickly, grasping for napkins from the counter to pat down herself and you.

"No, Kara," you whispered, your voice cracking as her name slipped from your lips. "It was completely my fault, I didn't mean to bump into you."

"Don't blame yourself, I shouldn't have bumped into you," she said panicked.

"Oh no," you croaked. "I'm sorry for ruining your jumper, let me buy you another drink."

She shook her head, giving you a sympathetic smile, genuinely blaming herself for the spilt coffee.

"You don't have to, if anything I should buy you one," she laughed awkwardly.

"Please, I insist. Grab a table and I'll get the drinks," you smiled, trying to seem far more confident than you actually were. Although you tried to have a confident demeanour, inside you felt as though you were about to crumble inside.

Kara paused, thinking about the situation, "Okay, I would like that. Maybe... it could... y'know... be a date?"

The largest smile appeared on your face, your lips almost hurting as they stretched apart.

"I would very much like that," you grinned, your cheeks becoming reddened.

Kara, looked down, avoiding eye contact as her cheeks matched yours and an innocent smile curled onto her lips.

"Um... I'll be over there," she smiled pointing to a vacant table.

As she walked away, you couldn't help the joy that washed over you, that the woman of your dreams felt the same and you were going on a date with her. Life was perfect.


Written by Charlotte.

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