09 | the haunting seungmin

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"Come on, get your Slytherin banners here!"

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"Come on, get your Slytherin banners here!"

"Lee Minho fans are back in stock! Kwon Yujin flags, Gia Carrow's too! The cheapest you could get anywhere!"

Seungmin waddles over to the famous (or infamous, rather) Kim Woojin of Hufflepuff house; Hogwarts' biggest (and only) house quidditch merchandise seller. The boy has everything from scarves, beanies, hand banners to transparent fans, little flags: everything. Kim Woojin makes them in his spare time as a practise to be an entrepreneur he says, after finishing Hogwarts this year.

"Don't tell me you lost your Hyunjin banner already, Kim," Woojin rolls his eyes when Seungmin steps in front of him with a calculating look.

"Do you want to make some profit or not?" Seungmin snickers, eyes wondering over the multiple designs of banners of his friend's face, "cause if you don't, I mean, it would be fine by me."

"Just asking, yikes."

But then his memory refreshes, wasn't this a Slytherin versus Ravenclaw game? Seungmin's eyes scan over to the further left side of stand where the table is covered in royal blue and instantly thought of his favourite fifth year Ravenclaw, Yang Jeongin.

Hyunjin wouldn't be too upset if he supported Ravenclaw just this once, right? Hyunjin has to give him credits for at least showing up though, right?

Yeah, nah, Hyunjin wouldn't be happy and besides, aren't Slytherins prideful of their house?

Seungmin shrugs and picks up an undoubtedly huge hand banner of Hyunjin's face, his name written in big shiny letters and glimmering under the sunlight.

"Another one of Hyunjin's?" Kim Woojin asks, raising his right eyebrow, "really? I'm starting to think you're gay for him."

Seungmin scoffs, "what if I am?"

"Wait seriously?"

Seungmin laughs, "of course not, old man. He's my best friend, why would I be?"

Kim Woojin hides his disappointment. He may or may not be a member of Club Seungjin, not only that, he was president. Many have found the relationship between the famous Slytherin star seeker and his best friend 'unique' and, let's quote, "the most adorable thing in the world even Baymax is shaking" -- Kim Woojin doesn't know who 'Baymax' is but he's sure that whoever that is, they're adorable.

"Yeah well, have fun watching the match," Woojin tells the boy after he's given the older a few coins.

Seungmin skips away from the stand happily, excited at the thought that maybe Yang Jeongin will watch the match as well. So he pushes through the crowd, making his way to the very front of the quidditch stands. From there, he could see all the way across the pitch. On the left side, he could see Hyunjin's fan club. The front of their stand decorated with a humongous banner, a picture of Hyunjin reaching out for the snitch from their match two months ago, 'King Hwang' written on top of it.

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