One Call Away

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Min Yoongi had a crisp biscuit in one hand and a pen in the other. He sat leaning over a detailed schematic of potential forcefield updates to the camp's perimeter that Woozi had left on his desk the night before.

The messy, brightly lit machinist workshop was empty and silent, save for Min Yoongi and the soft crunching of his dry wafer.

Overhead light fanned over the metal storage racks and the messy workstations cluttered with rubbish, papers, or misshapen forms of metal and circuitry.

A small screen was propped up on Yoongi's desk that looked like an empty metal picture frame. As he sat scanning his schematics and munching his snack, a green light in the corner of the frame on his desk flickered. The light and motion caught his attention and he looked up.


He tapped at the edge of the screen and the blank glass was suddenly filled with color and sound.

He tapped at the edge of the screen and the blank glass was suddenly filled with color and sound

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"Hey, boss. It's Dean."

The screen was pixelated, but Yoongi could see clearly enough the pale face and jagged black eyebrows of his rogue man on a mission. He could also see that Dean was inside of his ship, for he was sitting in a tight little cockpit.


Dean's voice cracked a little, trying to feign a lack of nerves only to reveal how present they were. "So, you see Yoongz. We have a bit of a trainwreck on our hands and, yeah, I just thought that you should hear it from me before--"

"Trainwreck is the understatement of your career, you fuck-up." Yoongi's words were sharp, but his tone was tired. He didn't have the energy for the anger that this conversation truly required.

Dean winced politely.

"Lilith already called in. I talked to her very early this morning." Yoongi tucked the pen in his hand behind his ear and slipped the last of his biscuit into his mouth, chewing it slowly as if in angry meditation.

"Yeah, well, you did give them a day's headstart before giving me a call. So me not really showing up in time to stop the shit from hitting the fan isn't entirely just on me, but that's beside the point--"

"You don't need to explain the situation, Dean. Just fix it."

"But I thought you'd want to hear confirmation that--"

Yoongi interrupted him. "Chim got what he wanted. Joon's been turned, and now we have a fucking Haejok Ai dog under Park Chimin's control, and just one more reason to send that sick golden bastard to his grave before he gets out of hand and kills us all. And poor Lil, she is in complete denial. Kept saying that Joon was bound to her somehow, which is fucking nonsense. But lucky for her, Chim probably cares for her too much to fuck her over too bad. At least, I'm hoping, but honestly who knows with that sick mind of his?"

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