Chapter 6

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Cinder had basic instructions on how to heal the bite mark on her shoulder and was planning on just walking out onto her balcony, under the moonlight, to heal it when it was nighttime. She planned on using the moonstone she already wore to do it, but finding something to wear that wouldn't touch her deep wound was difficult. She finally settled on a strapless light willow-blue dress to wear, and after slipping it on, she walked out onto her balcony into what moonlight there was. Night sounds greeted her as she walked out onto her balcony, the evening's breeze catching her dress, making her skirt billow around her, while her hair floated in the shimmering rays of the moon. The moment she stepped into the moonlight she gasped and looked down at her shoulder; she could feel the pull of the moon in her bite, which astounded her. It was a strange sensation, that was completely out of her control. Is this what it feels like, to some degree? When they change? She had never felt such a strange pulling, drawing sensation in her life before; it was like the very magic in her blood was being drawn on by the moon, making her look up at the moon. If only a bite felt like this, no wonder no wolf could deny the change when it was full. It gave her a lot to think about.

Cinder? She whirled around and saw Sebastian coming through the door from his room. She looked around her, seeing if there was a way to hide the bite from him. Though the bite was clean, it was still deep and gruesome to behold, even bleeding a little when she moved sharply. How to keep him from seeing her this way? Even her hair wouldn't sufficiently cover the mark. Her mind raced but there simply wasn't any way to prevent it, without stopping him from entering, but it was too late. He walked out on the balcony, and his eyes zeroed in on her shoulder instantly. He pulled up short and just stared at the wound, his eyes partially transforming with the sight before him. He drug his eyes from the wound to hers and then back to the wound. He couldn't even form a clear thought for her to hear; he just stood there in utter shock and fear. She couldn't bear his gaze and finally just turned around, away from it, with a grimace on her face, her eyes pinched in emotional pain. He was still staring at it from the back side but at least this way she didn't have to see him do it. She drew in a breath and breathed it out slowly, wishing she could run away from his gaze.

She could feel a thousand different emotions stirring around inside of him, as he stared at the wound; feeling petrified, devastation, worry, fear, confusion, distraught, hesitant. She felt him walk up to her and ever so gently his fingers touched her back, just below the first tooth mark, making her shy from his touch slightly. Cinder, he thought her name with such sorrow that she bowed her head in shame; she could feel his heart breaking. Cinder, please say something. His fingers trembled on her back. Were you attacked? His thoughts began searching for when she had been left alone, and how he hadn't heard about her being attacked before then. Why had she not fought the wolf off? Why had she not told him? But if she had been attacked, why was the bite so clean? She felt his mind pulling him in the right direction, a tugging as he looked closer at the wound. Please tell me. Cinder . . .Can she not hear me anymore?  

She could hear him worrying that she had been bitten by one of the new werewolves. Then he blinked, taking a closer look; the pattern of a wolf's bite was like a fingerprint. Each wolf's was unique and distinguishable, if you looked close enough, just like the individual virus that carried the curse was unique. He had seen this pattern, this mark before; on all the new werewolves that morning, though shallow. The truth rushed into his brain, even without her explaining, Adrian, how could you!? He made to leave but she turned and caught his hand, causing her to cry out in pain and release him. Sebastian! He stepped back up close to her, his eyes illuminated in flaming anger, a quivering through his frame, as he shuddered through a restrained desire to change. Stop, Sebastian, Cinder pleaded, when she felt him starting to turn away again. How dare he bite you! Sebastian shouted in outraged anger in her mind, jerking his hand out in an angry gesture. He was livid with Adrian, intending to go confront him. I asked him to. He didn't want to. Sebastian's face reflected the shock of her statement but then turned stern, as he looked down at her, asking Is this part of that darkness you mentioned, Cinder? Why?! "Why would you ask him to bite you?" he whispered outloud in deadly anger, aimed at Adrian, while scowling deeply.

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