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Riya (Riyamcyriac)

About me:

I'm a sophomore in high school, meaning every single day I have to learn about plot development, characterization, and analysis. Now, I've basically become a natural at it! When I review, I like to go ham on storytelling aspects and if you're looking for someone who'll focus a lot on grammar, I'm not the write person for you. That being said, I love to read and understand a good book, and if you want a reviewer that looks out for the big things, here I am. I also love graphic design and have been writing since third grade.

Focus points:

I focus on plot development, characters, likeability, interest, aesthetics, overall pace and understanding of plot, WORLDBUILDING, originality, and stuff. If you want me to focus on something else ask me and I'll do my best.




Fantasy, General Fiction, Sci Fiction, Romance, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Fan Fiction (ifs it's BTS, Harry Potter, Red Queen, Six of Crows, etc...ask me before you fill out your form about fan fiction because I don't want to review something that I'm not familiar with cause it's not fair to you.) I'm even okay with Spiritual. If your book doesn't fit one of these, don't hesitate to ask me 'cause I might have forgotten. Genres I don't do: Horror, Erotica, sorry.

Number of chapters I'll read:

I'll read at least five chapters and if I'm interested I'll keep going. I feel like to be a real reviewer, I'm going to act like a reader and see if I want to keep reading. If I don't, then I'll go in on why and will help you get to the point where I and other readers would have their own push to keep reading.


A follow and a genuine read (read along comments) on 4 chapters of my book "Of Suns and Spirits." If I'm reading the whole book, I'd appreciate if you read a bit more (if you're interested. If not, tell me why so I can fix).

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