10 | Chapter Ten

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Paladin Vs. Summoner.

Every second that went by, Connor furiously rubbed his eyes, doled out from the lack of sleep he had the night before. Each flutter of his eyelashes beckoned a flash of the monster that tried to kill him, the same one that muttered illy at Macey.

A flock of females walked past him. They wished him good morning with a coy tone in their voice and a flirtatious gesture that followed a small lingering giggle. Connor didn't care for any of it, knowing that it was a wasteful attempt to get him as arm candy or a step in front of the Heslington fortune. He didn't have time to be frolicking around with meaningless dramas, focusing on one thing — which now leads to another.

Frowning at his foolishly caring personality, Connor attempted to snuff his feelings out by reaching into his bag for his journal. He flicked at the pages, directing his attention to the information he had gathered up about the creature from last night.

"Globules," muttered Connor, pinching the corner of the book with his thumb and forefinger. "A creature of mass-energy and darkness, skilled in ailment spells such as poison, darkness and silence."

A sigh rumbled from his throat as he continued to read more about what he had gathered. He closed his eyes and held them shut for a brief second before slowly opening them again.

"I shouldn't be bothered with this," muttered Connor, convinced that the events are better left with a professor. He slammed the book shut then tucked it back into his bag, pinching the bridge of his nose. "None of this has anything to do with me. I shall make myself scarce and keep away from such matters."

All of a sudden, a swarm of bugs surrounded Connor, with a few flying in his mouth and into his eyes. He swatted at a few, but all that did was make him sweat through his thin dress shirt. Connor was venturing more into the thick humid forests called the Shershire woods, a woodland wonder rumoured to house pixies and fairies.

"Kill me now," he groaned, pinching at the bridge of his nose, leering at the den he stood over. "Why couldn't companions magic be optional."

The location of the lecture was in a ravine that used to house a building that had an array of magical beasts and creatures. All that remained of the building were giant stone pillars embedded in the side of the cliff and the golden stone floor.

Showing no signs of enjoyment, Connor meekly walked down the stairs, when suddenly a small black fur ball bolted past him, almost knocking him over. It was a baby bear cub that had metal claws and an adornment wrapped around its neck.

"Oi, you mangy teddy bear!" A female with an Australian accent cursed at the cub, balling her fist up in a desperate attempt to gain its attention. She was short in stature, with Connor towering over her like a building, wearing clothes way too elegant for the lecture.

She looked at him with her dark brown eyes and an awkward half-smile stretching across her face. "Sorry about that. I'm still trying to get used to the damn beast."

He frowned at her, puzzled at the fact that she wasn't like the other females who haplessly flirted with him. Connor raised his brow, tilting his head to the side as she scanned the area behind him. Even though this female wasn't interested in him, she was still rather irritating as she stood right in his direction.

"Perhaps train the thing some more," Connor bitterly hissed, sidestepping past her. "Or better yet, don't conjure it until the lesson begins."

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