Ch. 1

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Note: the first two chapters might be boring.. you can skip to 3, all you need to know is her friends names are Amy, Molly, and Leah, and that they were kidnapped. (I'd appreciate if you at least try to read the first two? Either way - Thanks so much for reading!!)

~Rosie's POV~

I'd just moved to Oakville - and had to leave all my friends! Not that I had many.. but still! I'm just in time for freshman year. Yay. (Note the sarcasm)

Anyways, I haven't had any time to shop for clothes or uniforms yet, so I threw on my uniform from my old school. I grab an apple and start walking to my school, as my parents left for work and I can't drive yet.

I walk into school, and the first thing I notice is that we don't have uniforms! I'm so embarrassed! I walk to my science class and I take a seat at the back and wait for class to start. "Hey" I look over and see a girl with long blonde hair wearing a hoodie and jeans. "Your first time at this school?" I nod.

"I'm Amy" she says, and holds out her hand. I shake it and smile. "I'm Rosie". She smiles back. "Come have lunch with me and my friends" she offers. "Okay" I say "I'll see you then" we exchange one last smile before class starts.

After science, we have history, study hall, and maths. Then, it's finally lunch. I enter the cafeteria and see Amy  waving me over. I sit down and notice that there are two other girls at the table too.

"This is Molly" Amy gestures to a girl with red hair and a big smile. She is wearing a pink crop top with polka dots and high waisted jeans that match. "And this is Leah" Leah has black hair and wears dark clothes. I'll admit, she was pretty intimidating.

Leah laughs when she sees my face. "Don't be scared! Amy, what's her name?" Amy tells her, and Leah breaks into what I can't tell is a smile or a smirk. "Hi Rosie". "Hi Leah"...

Lunch passes quickly, and so does the rest of the day. I'm on my way out when I feel a hand gently land on my shoulder. I turn around to see Amy. "You wanna hang out with me and the girls after school today?" She asks. "Sure!" I say, and we all head to her house.

Authors note: next chapter more stuff will happen. Right now this is just structure. I'll post the next soon. ❤️

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