“Pregnant,” she said after a moment.

            “No way in hell. Me and Aidan always use protection,” I said confidently.

            “Always,” she asked.

            “Yes always. Not one time have we been without it.”

            “Oh thank god. I was really scared for a minute there,” she said with a relieved look in her eyes.

            “You? You almost gave me a heart attack,” I said as I laughed with her.

            “Let’s go,” she said with a grin.

            “Sure,” I said as I followed her out of the room and down the stairs. When we walked into the living room everyone looked up at us in surprise.

            “What,” I asked nervously.

            “Are you ok,” Sid asked.

            “Yeah. I’m fine. I’ve just been really tired lately,” I said as I sat down beside Aidan. When I looked up at him I saw that same look in his eye.

            “You sure,” he asked me fiercely.

            “Yes. I’m fine. Relax,” I said forcing a smile on my face.

            “Fine,” he said as he turned away. I looked over at Amber and she just shrugged at me.

            “I promise you,” I said as I touched his leg.

            “Just go to the doctor. You’re scaring me,” he pleaded.

            “I will,” I said with a sigh.

            “Great. Go get dressed,” he said suddenly excited.

            “I want Amber to take me,” I said as I looked down.

            “Why,” he asked sounding hurt.

            “You worry too much. I love you but that’s the truth. I need someone to tell me that I’m fine. Not someone to tell me all of the things that could be wrong.”

            “Ok. But call me as soon as you get out of there,” he demanded.

            “I promise I will,” I said as I stood up.

            “You better,” he said as Amber walked with me up the stairs.

            “Why do you really want it to be me,” she asked as we walked in my room.

            “Just in case it’s something bad I need someone who can stay strong for me,” I said as I started to change clothes.

            “I get it,” she said nodding.

            “I’m really scared,” I told her honestly as I ran a brush through my hair.

            “I’m scared for you,” she said quietly.

            “I’m sure it’s nothing bad but I’ve never been sick for this long,” I said as I pulled my hair up into a bun.

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