take care of you - niall centric

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Prompt: some vampire drabble


Niall was alone in the vampire world. He was young, too. Not even a year old. Newborn, some might say. He didn’t have anyone to tell him his rights from his wrongs, as most newborns did.

So getting an offer from four gorgeous men in the darkness of night was new to him. He didn’t expect it to happen.

“We could take very good care of you baby. You could get whatever you want, hm?” The dark haired one whispered into Niall’s ear, a fingertip tracing his jugular.

Niall gulped, feeling small against four pairs of dark red eyes. They were older vampires, Niall could tell.

He didn’t say anything, so the vampires continued.

“You’re in desperate need of someone, aren’t you? Someone to… care for you? Teach you. Please you. Punish you, even?” A wispy haired one smirked, and it made Niall quietly whimper.

“C'mon baby. You could have whatever you want. Anything at all.” One with curly and long hair seemed to push. They were all so desperate for the innocent virgin who didn’t know what to do with himself.

They knew exactly what to do with one like him. He just needed to agree first.

Niall watched them with careful bright red eyes. Newborns always had brighter eyes than other vampires. He’s gotten many offers like these, he had always declined. He didn’t need someone to care for him.

At least he didn’t think so.

But being watched by four pairs of willing eyes made his body just want to give in to the very muscular vampire holding his body up behind him. He looked up shortly at the man behind him.

He could see his short brown hair, and tattoos on his arms. It made him shiver. Niall bit his lip, glancing at the dark ground. They were in an alley. The vampires followed him home from a club and snatched the blonde at last minute.

Niall felt comfortable with the vampire’s hands resting on his hips, caressing the skin under his shirt. The dark haired one cupped Niall’s cheek, rubbing his thumb across his cheekbone.

“What'dya say, hm?” Making sure Niall was looking deep in his eyes. Niall glanced at the other vampires, feeling incredibly small and weak.

“I-I… I don’t n-need caretakers… I’m fine by myself.” Niall tried to sound strong, but his voice broke. What was he thinking? He still lost control over his hunger and he didn’t even know about the history of his kind.

The man that changed him was supposed to teach him that. But he was left. Abandoned by his own.

The wispy haired one chuckled, “Oh babe, you still have so much to learn. We could teach you, yes?” He spoke slowly, like he was from the early 1900s. Probably was.

Niall looked at him. He could probably read minds.

“Of course I can.” Niall rolled his eyes.

Fingers gripped Niall’s chin. “Do not roll your eyes at me.” His voice was dark, and intimidating. Niall licked his lips and backed into the vampire behind himself’s chest.

“S-Sorry.” He squeaked, closing his eyes. Everything about the vampires made him want to bare his neck for them to claim as their own. It was hard to keep control over himself.

Usually newborns respected and immediately submitted to older vampires. In Niall’s case, he didn’t. He didn’t want to be walked all over.

“Baby you need someone to take care of you. We’ll teach you right, won’t we boys?” The same vampire spoke. Mumbles of ‘yes,’ went around and Niall sighed.

Niall weighed his pros and cons. Finding almost no cons. Something about the vampires in front of him made him want them. He wanted them to touch him, bite him, claim him. Anything.

His eyes stayed glued to the ground of the alley, the more his thoughts raced, the more his head tilted back to almost fully hit the vampire that was holding him’s shoulder.

Niall closed his eyes, and dipped his head all the way back. It was a gesture that made the vampire’s smirk. They had him. Finally. Niall knew what he was getting himself into.

“Such a good boy, aren’t you?” The dark haired one cooed, before suddenly biting into Niall’s neck. Taking first bite and claiming Niall and his body as his.

Niall was claimed, there was no getting out of it now.

The curly haired and the wispy haired bit at the same time, near Niall’s collarbone. Niall gasped, not knowing where to put his hands. He didn’t know his boundaries now that he had owners.

The one holding him pressed a kiss under Niall’s ear.

“Touch them. You’re ours now, as we are yours.” He whispered into Niall’s ear seductively before biting right under Niall’s ear, right where his special spot just so happened to be.

A tiny moan escaped Niall’s lips at the sensation, and he grabbed the dark haired ones hip, and tangled his opposing hand’s fingers in lucious curls. He felt so engulfed and small with bodies towering over his, biting and sucking on his skin.

Niall was theirs now, and there was no going back.

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