I rolled my eyes at him "stop being mean to me" I pretended to have my feelings hurt, I stuck out my bottom lip, Jack rolled his eyes playfully. As the conversation died a little we were in a comfortable silence, I cleaned my brush and dipped it into the red, I started painting the whole rock, besides the head of the lady bug, Jack did the same with his.

"Jack, I think yours will be better than mine" I commented with a laugh, he glanced up at mine and shook his head

"I doubt it" he shook his head

"maybe they'll both suck, then" I chuckled, he nodded in agreement and we laughed together. I glanced up and saw Dr.Grace watching us from a distance, she had a surprised but happy expression as she watched Jack talk to me. Maybe I can help him get out.

I finished my lady bug in no time, and showed it to Jack, he dabbed a little more paint on his before holding his up to mine. "Here" he whispered with a smile on his face as he handed me his lady bug. The paint was quick to dry so most of the lady bug was dry enough to hold. Was he giving it to me? I happily gave him mine and we compared the swapped lady bugs, I gave him a smile "I'll name mine Alex" he said, I could feel myself blushing

"and i'll name mine Jack" I replied. Our lady bugs now named Jack and Alex after each other. I didn't realize Dr.Grace was standing behind me until she spoke

"oh, those are wonderful Jack, and Alex!" she seemed happy to just see Jack actually doing something, I smiled up at her

"thanks" I said nicely. I was feeling a lot better than I have in a long time, mainly because of Jack, I didn't ever realize that the ones who you hate most can also bring you the most happiness in some cases.

I was starting to hate him less and less with every word he said.


With some convincing we finally got permission to keep our lady bug rocks in our room. There wasn't really anything we could do with them but she said if anything happens once she's taking them, I think the main reason she was so easy on us was because I got Jack to talk. Our lady bugs sat side by side on the dresser, my lady bug, named Jack, was different from Jacks lady bug, named Alex. Mine had six spots on its back, and a bigger head, Jacks had four spots on its back, a smaller head, and I added a smile to his.

I was proud of them, we didn't keep our others which turned out to just be a mess.

Right now it's visitation hour, anyone who has family or friends that wants to see them can see them at this hour every Friday, it's about four in the afternoon. Everyone who had someone come for them would be escorted into a room made just for visiting and that's where they could visit for the hour, if I had anyone to visit me I would be all over the idea. So far not many people got visitors, I haven't talked to Vic except for this morning, but yesterday he was talking about how most people don't have the family or friends to come, but some did.

Jack was staring at the ceiling, it wasn't awkward anymore though and I've gotten used to it. "When do you think you'll get out?" Jack asked out of nowhere, I shrugged

"maybe a few weeks, I'm hoping" I knew that what Dr.Mullins saw wasn't going to help me, but if I don't fuck up again I should be out soon. I should be gone soon.

"Alex, can I speak with you?" I jumped as I looked up and saw Dr.Grace standing at the doorway, I sat up and looked at Jack before nodding at her and obediently following her out of the room, she lead me down the hall Dr.Mullins office was in, but she lead me to an office two doors away from his. When we got in there she motioned for the chair, I took it and sat expectedly for a moment. "how are you today, Alex?" she asked sweetly.

I smiled at her "pretty good, how are you?" I replied.

"Great!" she sounded happy and I could see that she brought me in here for a reason.

"So I brought you in here to talk about Jack" she explained, I was guessing that, I nodded for her to continue. "I noticed you guys talking, he normally won't even talk to me so how did you manage to get it out of him?" she asked, I didn't even know the answer though.

I sat there for a second "uh, I don't really know. We didn't talk much until today, today we were laying in bed and he just started asking questions about my life, then answering them himself. From there I guess we became a little more like friends" I explained. Dr.Grace nodded but seemed a little confused still, It confuses me too.

"I know it's not right to ask this of you..but did he say anything that should concern us?" it seemed reasonable, he doesn't talk to them so it's almost impossible to know if they should be concerned.

I Thought back a bit "he told me that both of his parents work a lot, but its okay because he gets the house to himself a lot..he has two older siblings that already moved out. we talked about highschool and stuff, nothing was really concerning" I explained. It was true, he didn't tell me anything that should concern them, but maybe his crying all night would concern them. I decided not to tell them about that.

He never told anyone about me hiding a fork, he never told anyone about me telling him to let me kill myself.

"Oh..okay..be sure to talk to me or Dr.Mullins if he does say something concerning" she spoke as if I let her down, did she want him to say something concerning? With that she dismissed me and I was on my way back to my room. When I walked in, Jack was sitting up on his bed

"what did she want?" he instantly blurted out as I walked in.

I shook my head "she wanted to know how I got you to talk to me, I told her that I didn't know. Then she asked if you said anything concerning and I said no..Then she let me leave" I said truthfully.

Jack looked a bit frustrated "I hate her" he mumbled, I walked over to my bed and fell down on it. "Vic asked where you were, I shrugged so I doubt he'll be back soon" Jack said. I let out an aggravated sigh, why does Vic even care? I don't want to talk to him after today, he saw everything and he knows everything and its embarrassing.

"I don't care" I said simply, Jack looked at me with a bit of confusion "I'd rather talk to you" I added, making Jack give a small smile.

"When do you think you'll get better so you can get out?" I asked, there isn't anything to lose really, he might not like the question. Jack took a second to reply

"you don't really get better here, you just get better at pretending"

Hey! thanks for reading this, it really means a lot if you're reading.

I got the lady bug rock idea from a friend who showed me the rock idea on that site where you look at cool homemade things, it stars with a "P" I think.

Thank you.

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