Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

'You know what I have always wondered?' I flip through the books Harry has on his bookshelf when his voice comes from the bathroom. He was just stepping out of the shower, the water slowly shutting off and his wet footsteps slapping against the tiles.

'What's that?' I eye down a pretty thick book, its side had letters written along it. I tip it out and flick it through it quickly, making it to the last page to see how many pages there were. I liked to read and if I could I would read a lot during my days but I never had the time to sit and read with YouTube and my ever growing jobs in the past. But I figured I had some time to kill now.

I decided to relax for some months. After getting turned down from my dream job I decided I may as well sit and work on my relationship with Harry. I wanted to get to know him, grow together and hopefully grow stronger with one another.

'I wonder of the road not taken.' He says as I hear his footsteps enter the bedroom. The book still in my hand, I turn to see the half-naked Harry, towel wrapped around his hips and his hair still dripping down onto his shoulders from leftover water.

'And which road may that be?' I strain to keep my eyes to his when I watch him rummaged through his drawers finding his clothing for today.

'I wonder why I didn't just settle down and find the perfect girl and fall in love with her, marry her and just have a family of my own. I don't know why I did what I did from woman to woman.' He grabs an extra towel and he flops it over his head, running the towel along his head leaving his wavy locks damp.

His sentence almost makes me feel sorry for him. I couldn't see why either he bought home girl after girl. It shocked me every time he says something like this. I couldn't see that in him and it was weird to hear it come from his mouth when all this time living here I have heard utter filth.

But I will admit, watching him grow mature each day because of our relationship is so beautiful. 'I mean, all I really wanted was to get married. I have saved up money for it. A beautiful wedding and a great house, I mean I could have it all and...' he stops when he turns around seeing me with a book in my hand. He smiles lightly, letting out a sigh.

'You're still here.' I finish for him.

'Yes. Not married and no children.' he sighs again, laughing away his failure when he flops his grey t-shirt over is so masculine body.

'But, and I don't wanna toot my own horn, but you do have a perfect that's one thing.' I shrug laughing hoping to see him smile and agree.

'Baby girl, you're more than perfect to me.' he smiles striding his way over to me. I shyly look down and smile, giggling when he comes up to me and places his hands to my waist. I throw the book to the bed, hearing it lightly thump and I look up to Harry, my hands wrapping around his damp neck.

'And you're my everything.' I whisper watching him take my waist into both of his hands and he pulls me into him. And I meant it. Deep down, I knew I really, really liked Harry. I did so much for him and I pulled through all his bullshit. I wouldn't usually stay for a man like him but there was something about him that I absolutely l-

'I guess now it's all just patience. Wait and see what my future brings, Anna.' His thumbs draw circles on my waist and I intertwine my fingers at the back of his neck slowly picking at the smaller wet hairs.

'Hopefully, I'm in it.'

'You will be.' He smirks, leaning down kissing me gently. It was a small peck that felt like an eternity.

I couldn't help but always go back to what Belle had said over the phone. Yes, Harry blindly walked into my heart. Yes, it came to me when I least expected. Yes, Harry broke all the walls I put up. Yes, I cared more about him then I did myself and my life. Yes, he was all beauty to me, he was everything to me at this point. And yes, I didn't fall of this type of man but I fell for him so fucking hard. I didn't hide my past, my future and I told him my secrets and yes I didn't wanna admit that I fell for him so hard but I did and I'm so happy I did.

'I want to be.' I mumbled smiling up at him to watch him smile back, squeezing at my sides gently. I assumed he was happy with my answers.

'I'll make sure of it.' he whispers back, gently kissing me again. His soft lips made my knees weak with each movement. His hands squeezed me, holding me close to his torso. I felt the warmth of his body against mine and the strength of him on my stomach.

When he pulls away, his breath hitches when I move some strands of hair from his forehead. I watch his eyes, the dark emerald green in them shone so brightly through his lashes. We stare into each other, admiring each other for what we have. It became lustful quickly. He turned me and laid me gently onto the bed, where I had openly invited him between my legs.

He began kissing me again, from my lips and to my cheeks where all I could hear was the slow movements of his lips. The soft clicks from his lips when they left my cheek and the quickened breath between the both of us. I had this pit in my stomach again. The type making me feel all fuzzy on the inside again.

I wanted him and this time I would take him. The kissing became heavier when I moved my hands along his chest, feeling the tension of his muscles holding up above me. I felt the smoothness of his tattooed chest and how good they felt even under a t-shirt. I moaned gently between our lips. I felt Harrys lips curve slightly, smiling against me. I had parted my lips gently, giving him access to entre me and kiss me harder.

I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling his pelvis closer to mine. I could feel him, feel him against my lips. I perked my hips up to him more, hearing him grunt in my mouth. 'Anna...' he breathed out when I smiled at him, watching his eyes fill up with lust. ' sure?'

I quietly hum at him watching his eyes light up and he roughly kisses me again. I move my hands down to his lower torso, teasingly playing at the towel covering himself up. Harry was impatient when it came to this sort of thing. His fingers would pinch and tickle at me if I was teasing him for far too long.

When I grab the knitted edge of the towel to unwrap it from him, his breaths hitches and the kissing stops for a moment when I was successful at unwrapping the towel from him and now we were touching, only with my underwear stopping us from anything else. I slid my hand to his torso, slowly going down to pump at him.

'Uncle Harry!' Elena's voice squeals from outside.

Harry ignores her as he keeps on kissing me, grabbing my arm and pushing my hand lower to himself. 'Harry...' I breathe out but was soon stopped again when his lips were on mine. I start to giggle, shaking my arm from his hand as I cup his jaw.

'No, it was my imagination I heard nothing.' He mumbles kissing along my cheeks and down to my jawline. I tried stopping him, gently trying to playfully push him off me as I continued to giggle and chuckle at his ticklish and lustful movements.

'Uncle Harrrryyy!?' This time Ethan's whiney tone was heard and that's when Harry sat on his elbows above me, sighing and grunting in annoyance and kissing me one last time. He gave up, gripping the towel and wrapping it around himself again while he was released from my body. He grumpily walks off, grabbing the rest of his clothing and then leaves the bedroom to answer the calls of his name.

I giggle when I roll over to grasp the book beside me. I can hear the faint voices of Harry while he talks to Elena and Ethan in the kitchen. I scan the cover properly this time, the background of a girl standing on the edge of train tracks in a subway and title sprawled hugely behind her in bold red letters.

'You, huh?' I question the title and I turn the book over. I read through the reviews and the blurb of the book by the author. I flip through the first page and the second and then the third till I see where the book actually starts. I skim my eyes over the first sentence until I then realise I'm on the next page.

'This will be fun.' I murmur sitting up and continuing to read. 

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