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 "Alright," Adonis tapped his blue pen against the table in the library study room, his legal pad open and empty in front of him, "Take me through your day. Step by step. Food by food."

Gaige was distracted by Adonis' haircut. It was long and fluffy on top but the boy had trimmed the sides and back, making his ears stand out a little bit more. Gaige didn't mind Adonis' hair before, now he thought it slimed the boy's face. Even if Adonis was focused on the project, Gaige wasn't too bothered on focusing.

"Huh. I wake up. I eat three inches of a banana before throwing out the rest, chugging black coffee and sit in the back of my step-sibling's car with all their shit on the way to school. I barely function through the first four periods and then I sit in the cafeteria with the oddest three people I've ever met while they rant and eat their foods. I pretend to sleep while listening to whatever nonsense they say, I go to the rest of my classes. 

"Alexia insists on giving me rides home, but when I can dodge her I run because extra exercise is always slimming. I drink another cup of coffee and a couple of cups of water when the food pangs start after school. I do any few homework assignments I haven't finished in class and then text my brother or look up new workouts or read a book. And then I sit at the dining room table with my new family, pushing food around on my plate and eating enough to sustain life then slip out of the house to go to the gym for an hour and come back. Take a shower. Watch the night sky for a couple of hours before going to sleep and starting all over again," Gaige gave Adonis a fake smile before wrapping his lips around his Juul and taking another hit.

Adonis had been scrambling to write Gaige's list of daily activities as the tall boy rambled. But when he was finished, Adonis sucked in a deep breath, looked up, and pushed up his glasses. Gaige could see a little fleck of dirt reflecting on the glass. 

"Okay, well, that was somehow not in detail yet detailed?" Adonis let out a flutter of laughter which made Gaige's lip tilt up from around his e-cigarette. He watched the small, pale boy rub his mouth, thinking, "I want to film the beginning of your day -you getting out of bed and pulling your daily sweatshirt, choosing three inches of a banana would hopefully to be interesting shot- till the end when you look at the night. Poetic ending to the day, by the way."

Gaige had increasingly noticed the way Adonis had seemed to ease into a whole new personality. Or, maybe, it was Adonis' real personality finally coming out. Gaige liked but didn't understand why the other boy was getting comfortable. Why would someone willingly begin to act like inklings of a friend to someone like Gaige Carson? 

"But, that probably would mean spending a night at your house so I can be there when you wake up. And I would need to convince my parents to excuse me for the full day on the bias of filming. I'd maybe need a pass into some of your classes so I could film a few scenes in those settings. And, of course, your permission to film you for a day. All day," Adonis squirmed in his seat, "That means anything would happen would most likely be on film. The good, the bad, the ugly."

Gaige blew a mint flavored cloud into the small library study room. He was still on grounding so his father was under the impression he was at the library studying for in a group project. Brad was still unaware of Adonis and their actual project. But if they were going to have a little sleepover with cameras, either the truth or some kind of impressive lie would need to be told. 

"Well," Gaige swirled in the chair to look out into the library. One wall of the library study room was the window. Which meant they had full few of the rows of aged books and 60-year-old librarians, "I don't have any sleeping bags, and even if food is not my favorite I have to say Erin's cooking is subpar at best. My father is going to be very awkward, Milton's probably going to hit on you, Krista will scuff, and Chester," Gaige blew out a puff of blank air, "Chester will bounce on you until you watch some fucking cartoon with no fucking plot and your brain has lost thirteen hundred brain cells. 

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