7 | Chapter Seven

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Round two.

Macey looked at the librarian with an odd look. The top of her lip was curled and her eyes were squinted, raking her sights over the dry brown scales that looked like dirt. I've never seen an Argonian in real life before. Why does she look dehydrated.

The lady couldn't help but leer at Macey with these sharp yellow eyes, boring disappointment with each little flicker. Her claws skimmed over the wooden counter and swiped at papers, shuffling them into folders. Every now and again, while she was gathering things, her tongue would slip out, causing her sideway eyelids to blink. She then looked up at Macey, silently letting out a sigh.

"There's meant to be two of you," she hissed, letting her tongue sliver in the air. "Where is the other one?"

Macey knew where he was, but gave half a shrug instead. "He's probably screwing around."

"I heard that!"

Connor stormed up to the desk with clenched teeth and flaring nostrils. Macey adverted her eyes from the enraged Heslington, feeling his angered breath brush along her neck. She smirked at her makeshift barrier that was angrily tossed to the side, returning her glare towards Connor.

"What took you so long? asked Macey, suppressing the urge to burst into laughter, crossing her arms along her chest.

"Don't act like you don't know," groaned Connor, rustling his fingers through his curly locks. "You slammed the door on me, then barricaded it so I couldn't get in."

"Why would I do a thing like that?" Macey said with a rich flow of sarcasm in her voice. "Sounds like way too much effort to be wasting on the likes of you."

Suddenly, in the midsts of their bickering, the librarian snapped her neck back, releasing a noise so ungodly it made Macey retort in disgust. The sound was an unpleasant mixture between a snake hissing in the grass and a bird being chewed up by a dog.

"If you two love birds are done with your quarrels." The lady then shuffled to the side and lifted a slot in the desk, lowering down when she walked past. "Follow me, please."

I'd rather bite myself. Macey rolled her eyes, dragging her boots along the velvety red carpet this building was covered in. All Macey wanted to do was return to her dorm, eat pasta and muffins and become enthralled in her novels. Instead, I'm being chaperoned to my doom with a Heslington. She tucked her hands behind her neck, jerking her head back with a silent sigh lingering along her lips.

Macey felt the hot light above her streak across her eyes, emitting a bright yellow light all across the room. The marble pillars that kept the building in tact were cascading a sheen down onto the floor, creating a glare on her boots. She couldn't believe how many books were situated before her. With each wandering linger she caught another glance of a new bookshelf or a new case of scrolls that were awaiting to be discovered, making her awe in amazement.

Turning a corner, Macey saw the walls go from a hard mustard to a subtle soft beige, unaffected by the heavy illumination the chandelier let off. For what felt like an eternity, the librarian finally halted, standing stoically in front of three large empty shelves with carts parked before them.

"The two of you must stack all these books in a periodic order." The librarian picked up one of the books, rapidly flicking at the pages before placing it gently onto the shelf. "They're all laid out in the right order; all you have to do is place them on the shelf. Also, I don't want any fighting. If I hear a peep from either one of yous..."

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