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"Soonyoung, please stop bothering Jihoon, I'm not going to save you when he decides to attack you," Araceli said tiredly, bringing a hand up to rub at her temple. She was already anxious as she was, but the boys rowdy behavior was making it worst. 

"MINGYU! Don't you even dare touch that doorknob after you just sneezed," She snapped at the taller boy, who halted his movement to open his room door at her words. He gave her a sheepish smile before making a motion to signal that he was going to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. 

To say that the dorm was a mess was an understatement, at least in Araceli's terms. Sure, the boys were usually always loud and all over the place, but right now, it seemed to be 100x more than what it usually is. Which Araceli understood, because it was just an hour before their debut music video dropped, as well as their debut mini-album. Everyone was jittery and anxious, they really wanted this album to be at least somewhat of a success. They wanted it to do solid so that they had some type of foundation to continue on from. So everybody was in high-tension mode, which made it difficult for Araceli and Seungcheol to be able to calm down the children. 

"Cheolie?" Araceli called out, looking over at the leader for some help.

"I'm kind of busy taking care of Jun and Minghao right now," Seungcheol solemnly replied, referring to the group's two Chinese members. Jun was kind of scaring Minghao with his excessive hugging at the moment, so he had to step in.

Araceli frowned a sighed, bringing her hands up to her cheeks as she looked around for the second oldest member of the group. "Hannie oppa..." She called out desperately, and in a flash, Jeonghan was right there giving her shoulders a squeeze.

"Go ahead and sit down and relax, I got the kids," He stated before disappearing to gater up the members. Araceli was thankful for Jeonghan, he always stepped up to take the parent role whenever it got too much for her or Seungcheol. 

Araceli plopped down on the couch, letting a small breath escape her the moment her body made contact with the furniture. It didn't take long for Seungcheol to join her, letting her immediately rest her head on his shoulder. Soon, little by little, the rest of members entered the living room and sat nearby, still jittery but visually (and vocally) more calm.

"Man, I can't wait for it to come out!" Seokmin said excitedly, clapping his hands together as he was met with responses of agreement.

"Well, we have about a couple of more minutes until everything drops," Seungcheol told him.

"I still can't believe we're actually debuting," Chan commented, smiling softly.

"Yeah, we did come a long way... and we still have a longer way to go," Joshua spoke, sitting down beside Vernon on the floor. 

"Do you think it'll do well?..." Wonwoo asked Araceli, to which she nodded and lifted her head to meet his and everybody else's gaze.

"Of course. I mean, we all worked so hard for this and put our everything into this album," She answered. "Also, it's best to think positively about it, so yes it'll do good. Who knows, maybe it even exceeds our expectations..." She shrugged before ruffling Wonwoo's hair.

"Guys, only 1 more minute!!' Seungkwan yelled out, turning on his laptop excitedly.

Everyone shifted in their seats as Seungkwan positioned the laptop on the coffee table for everybody to see, anxiety long forgotten as everyone was now filled with anticipation and excitement.


Ayo Ayo...Seventeen!

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