Chapter Four

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(Rip Sean Dolan👏)
Walking through the brightly lit hallway was horrible for Grayson.

He hasn't been in a hospital since his father; Sean Dolan died 2 years ago.
He hated the hospital, all it did was remind of his father.
How he lost him to cancer, Grayson and his 2 siblings were devastated.

Grayson if you didn't already know was a twin. Grayson and Ethan also have an older sister named Cameron Dolan.

Once they read the number 325 Grayson was asked to wait outside as they checked the girl for weapons and changed her into a hospital gown. The girl was currently wearing a long black Sweater that had all kinds of objects and colors in the middle. It was about 3 sizes bigger than her actual size. She also had black sweat pants on.
(Picture above)

Grayson just nodded waiting patiently outside the room with the male paramedic.

"She's cute huh" the paramedic said trying to make conversation.

The paramedic was like in his mid 20's ; he was young.

"Uh yeah she is I guess" Grayson shrugged.

He didn't want to seem too interested; he just met the girl and not even officially.

The nurse and the female paramedic came out and said Grayson could go in now.

He entered inside to see the girl restrained to the hospital bed from her wrists and ankles.

"Grayson !" The Female paramedic said waving a hand infront of his face.

He just have not been paying attention.

"Uh yeah sorry" he apologized turning to her and the other paramedic.

"We have to go, we are now leaving you in the hospitals care."

"Okay thanks what's your names?" Grayson asked holding his good hand out for them to shake.

"Im Beverly and this is Javier" the female paramedic smiled and shook his hand.

"Good work saving her pal" Javier said shaking his hand after her.

Then it was just Grayson and the girl left in the room.

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