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"Yes, babe?"

"What are these?"

"Ah. Those are called 'airpods'."


"You heard me."

"How do they even work? They aren't attached to anything.."

"Bluetooth, babe. Bluetooth."

"Everyone has them on Instagram."




"What is this?"

"My airpod."



"You're a basic bitch?"

"Watch your profanity."

"You're a wannabe?"

"No, Riley, I'm not. I just like them, they're easy."

"Do you have to charge regular earbuds?"


"Then they aren't easier."

"That doesn't make sense. Regular earbuds get caught on things."

"Maybe. But airpods cost more."

"Yeah but it's worth it."

"No, because you buy them in the first place which is like what, a hundred dollars? And then you could lose them very easily when regular earbuds fall out and are caught by the wire, saved from hitting the ground and are undamaged, when airpods just drop and could bounce away and be stepped on. And you have to charge them, which costs electricity, which costs money, which is expensive over time. Regular earbuds don't need to be charged, just plugged in, which yes the wire is a pain sometimes, but it's worth it."

"You and your over explained reasons. Why does it matter so much to you? Didn't you just discover them?"


"What? You just asked me–"

"I asked you so I had an excuse to prove to you that you wasted our precious money on lame things."


"It was part of the conversation, so I didn't have to say my reasonings out of the blue, ya know?"

"You're kind of sexy when you act all smart."

"Ha. Alright Cabbage, let's go get some coffee."




"Woah, Kale. Settle dow– Kale! I'm–.. sto–!"



"SHHHHHH. You'll wake the neighbors."



hello fellow wattpadianss
those of you that still have this book in your library and are patiently waiting for bonus convos, i apologise c:
felt like writing for this book
and am currently working on an idea for another real book, see if it goes anywhere

hope you enjoyed, and if y'all are interested, should I do like a q&a for any of my books or?
let me know what you think and if you have any questions for it

leave em here

peaceee <3
~ livvy

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