Beyblade Metal Fury! Episode 107: Awaken, Anubius!

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"Hmph! Let's see now, the conditions are equal right- IN THAT CASE".


"So from here on it will be decided by the difference in the power of the Blader is that right. You're a fool who hasn't even mastered his Bey yet". Ryuga Said 

"Oh yeah".

"Come, I will show you the difference between you and I". Ryuga Said 

"Huh! I can't wait- PREPARE YOURSELF RYUGA". Kyoya Said 


"Tear him apart Leone!" Kyoya Said 

Leone charge at L-Drago


Madoka and Kenta noticed something 

"Go L-Drago".


"Amazing! So this what a battle between Legendary Bladers is like, Fantastic." Yuki Said 

"Send him flying Leone". Kyoya Said 


"Huh What's this?! Leone's attacks aren't working!" Kyoya Said 

"Hmph, you may have made yourself out to be the Attack Type but you've reached the limit of your power- Time to kiss your Bey goodbye". Ryuga Said 

L-Drago's Power was immensely strong to make an huge explosion and knocked out Kyoya and Fang Leone. And Ryuga wins

"Kyoya! Speak to me Kyoya please wake up". Benkei Said as he grabs Kyoya to his arms

"Unbelievable! Leone's Power has increased so much but still lost". Madoka Said 

"Ah Ryuga". Gingka said

"Ryuga!" Yn Said 

"What's up, you wanna be next Gingka and Y/N". Ryuga Said 

"Listen to me Ryuga, I didn't come here to fight you". Gingka said

"My L-Drago Destructor freaks both of you out is that it huh." Ryuga Said 

"Huh! Boy you wish". Y/N Said 

"That's not true but now is not the time to have a battle with you". Gingka said

"We are desperately in need of the power that you posses understand, please lend us your strength". Yuki Said 


"Even as we now speak, somewhere on this Earth there are evil people. People who are attempting use the new  Star Fragment to awaken The God of Destruction Nemesis". Yuki Said 

"Did you say Star Fragment". Ryuga ask

"Yes sir, as if it feared it's power falling into the hands of evil, the Star Fragment split into 10 pieces and scattered across the globe before reaching the ground. In order to entrust that power to the Legendary Bladers who will fight the Villains intending to bring about Nemesis's Revival". Yuki Said 

"Ryuga, you've been chosen of those Bladers, that is why a person piece of the Star Fragment came to you it was that power that transformed L-Drago". Gingka said

"Woah?!" Ryuga Said in a  calmly Shocked tone and remember the moment of the Star Fragment Inside his Bey

"The power of the Star Fragment did this to L-Drago". Ryuga ask

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