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The door slammed behind Nick Fury, making Alvaro look up at him. Fury sat down across the table and didn't say anything for a moment.

"Where is she?" Fury asked in a low, angry tone.

Steve and Bucky watched from behind the glass. They knew Alvaro wasn't gonna give her up. Bucky couldn't take it. He felt like he was going insane.

"You're gonna want to let me out of here," Alvaro said. Fury cocked his head in curiosity.

"And why do you think I'd want to do that?" Fury replied. Bucky caught on and grabbed the thermal glasses he now kept on him. Through the glass, he saw Eve standing in the corner.

"She's in there," Bucky said as he noticed she was in a different suit with her hair still in the low bun.

He led Steve into the room. Fury and Alvaro looked at the two. Steve gave Fury a look which Fury understood.

"I've got two soldiers here that think you should stay," Fury said as Bucky and Steve slowly walked around to stand a few feet away from Eve.

"And I have one that disagrees," Alvaro retaliated. Eve took two electric rods and shocked both Steve and Bucky, making them fall to the ground. Fury stood, just in time for Eve to throw a spear of ice through his chest. Eve then broke Alvaro's cuffs and led him out of the room. Steve stirred on the ground and pressed his earpiece.

"Fury is down. Eve is here. Lock everything down. She has Alvaro," Steve finished and helped Bucky up. Bucky stumbled before starting to run out of the room. Steve stayed behind to stop Fury's bleeding.

Bucky looked down the hall to see Eve make a corner. He sprinted after her and rounded the corner, only to be greeted with a blast of air, throwing him back down the hall.

Bucky stood up once again when he heard gunshots. He sprinted back around the corner to see Eve standing next to Alvaro with a wall of bullets in front of them.

"Get out of here," Bucky told the others. Without a second of hesitation, Bucky ran up behind Eve and hugged her from behind to drag her away. She dropped the bullets, now distracted by Bucky.

"Hey, woah, it's alright. It's just me," Bucky said in her ear while she tried to get out of his grip. Eve tried forcing air in between them, but Bucky's metal arm kept her there. "Eve, remember me." Eve paused for a moment, the feeling of familiarity washing over her. But just as fast as it came, it went.

Eve set her hands on fire with two large flames, causing Bucky to drop her. She turned around to see Bucky in the way of Alvaro. Eve made two electric rods in her hands.

"Eve, let's go," Alvaro commanded her. Steve then ran into the hall from behind Eve with his shield. They all looked at each other for a moment before Eve shot two spears of ice, one at Bucky and one at Steve. Bucky hit it with his metal hand while Steve let it shatter into his shield.

Steve drew back then threw his shield at Eve, but she pushed air to deflect it to hit Bucky. Although, Bucky caught it to bounce it off the wall to Steve as Eve went to hit Steve with an electric rod.

Bucky stepped towards her, but Eve drew back her elbow to hit Bucky in the chest, stunning him, then kicking him back. Steve then hit her with the edge of his shield, causing her to fall back. Eve shot random reflex fire at him, catching his pant leg on fire. As Steve put the fire out, Eve picked up the loose bullets on the ground and threw them at gun shooting speed at Steve and Bucky. One bullet flew through Steve's leg, making him take a knee. Bucky held his hand out to stop the bullets from hitting him.

"Eve, stop," Bucky yelled before he got close enough that she threw a fist at his face. Bucky stopped it with his arm then immediately deflected her lower punched in the same fashion. Eve finally landed a punch against Bucky, knocking him back, only for Steve to run up from behind him to bring up his knee to knock into her chest. When Eve regained her footing, Steve, Bucky, and Eve stood at a standstill.

"Eve, please," Bucky begged her. His comment made her visibly mad, something they hadn't seen. This is the first time she has shown any emotion, surprising Steve and Bucky.

"Stop," Eve said in a low tone. Eve's hair slowly started to flow in the wind coming from behind her. Seconds later, a large gust of wind pushed past Eve and Alvaro to hit Steve and Bucky, throwing them through the glass window. Both of their breathing hitched as they began falling to the ground. They fell through a glass roof of the lobby of the adjacent building after Steve pulled Bucky close to share the shield to absorb the fall.

Once they hit the ground, both of them lost their breath as they froze in shock and pain. People in the lobby stopped and looked at the two, completely stunned.

"Nat?" Steve groaned.

"On it," Nat said as she ran into the hallway Eve and Alvaro were just in but saw no one.

"She's gone. Tony?" Nat asked. Tony flew around the building in his Iron Man suit and scanned the streets.

"On it. Friday, where is she?" Tony asked while looking all over the ground below.

"She is in the white Chevy pick up traveling at 70 miles per hour on the freeway," Friday said as she locked onto Eve. Tony flew down and landed on the roof of the truck. Eve noticed so she started swerving the truck in attempts to get him off, but to no avail.

Tony began cutting into the top with a laser to get to Eve, but she slammed on the brakes. Tony tumbled forward down the hood, then used his stabilizers to fly again.

"She doesn't have Alvaro," Tony said. Eve floored it, momentarily getting ahead of Tony before he caught up. Tony started getting worried seeing she wasn't leveling off her speed, she kept accelerating.

Steve and Bucky sped onto the freeway, both on motorcycles. They maneuvered around cars to catch up to Eve and Tony. Eve looked around to see Steve on her left, Bucky on her right, and Tony out in front of her.

"Wait, what is she doing–" Bucky started to freak out as Eve rammed into the back of the car in front of her going 100 miles per hour. The truck flipped forward and projected up while spinning. The truck did a 360 in the air. The three men were astonished for a moment, before watching Eve bust out of the windshield as the truck was in the air.

As Eve flew in the air, she did a front flip through the air, vanishing before she hit the ground.

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