Chapter 10

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Liam POV
Well I asked makayla to come to the family dinner she said no, something about not wanting to be around a bunch of white folk  but that's ok I got a plan

4 hours later

Makayla's pov
It's 5:00 pm and I'm sitting on the couch with avianna watching spongebob when I hear knocking at the door  "who is it" no answer I look through the peep hole to see who it is  , no was there,  I rolled my eyes probably some damn kids , I went to the kitchen to grab a snack I look down at the floor there's cereal everywhere avianna of course "AVIANNA!" I yelled  no answer I walked   to the living room she wasn't there  "AVIANNA!" I yelled  still no answer I ran to her room she wasn't there I checked my room I still couldn't find her  I started to panic "AVIANNA THIS ISNT FUNNY" I looked in the bathroom she wasn't there , I rushed to the living and picked up my phone   I was about to dial  911 until i felt a sharp pained in the back of my head and everything  went black.

I woke up with a headache I looked around everything in the room was either black, white or grey, I jumped out off the bed and walked over to the door I tried to open it but it was locked I started to bang on the door "LET ME OUT !!" After 10 mins of banging on the door heard foot steps   "Ok I'm gonna let you out, calm down"   the person said   " who the fuck are you let me out" I yelled.

Liam POV
I unlocked the door and pulled it open slowly
When makayla seen me her eyes narrowed, she balled up her fist and started punching me hard like really hard then she grabbed my hair and started to drag me and that shit hurt she let go of my hair and punched me in the nose Tears  were streaming down her face "where is she" she yelled " where's my daughter dammit" I pointed to the room down the hall holding my nose I rushed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror , my nose is bleeding and my lip is busted wow she really fucked me up.

After cleaning myself up I walked down the hall to my room I opened  the door they were in the middle of the room hugging well by hugging I mean makayla was squeezing the life out of avianna I leaned against the door and just stared at them my mom never showed  me that much affection I cleared my throat to get her attention she stopped hugging avianna and made her way over to me slowly when she got close enough she raised her hand slowly and slapped me so hard my face was stinging "what the hell is wrong with you Liam" "hm" she asked crossing her arms and tapping her foot I would laugh but my face hurt , " I was just teaching you a lesson" i replied shrugging my shoulders.

" A lesson by kidnapping my daughter!" She yelled " Yes by kidnapping OUR daughter" she picked avianna up headed towards the door , I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me "where do you think your going" she pulled her arm back  "home  duh , I'm not staying here" I shook my head "um yes you are because you and avianna are going to my family's dinner tonight" I smirked and she rolled her eyes.       

"I thought I make myself clear the first time" she scoffed and walked away I followed her out into the hall grabbed her arm again "look I'm not gonna beg you , either you stay and come to the dinner or I'll have make you" ...

She sighed


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