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"So we are now at sixteen weeks" Ashton spoke, getting the ultrasound ready as Casey sat beside me, ecstatic.

We heard the noise as he started, making us all smile.

"And look who's growing" Ashton smiled, turning the screen to where we could see it.

"The size of an avocado" Ashton laughed out as we all focused to the screen.

"So now, your baby is developing facial expressions and it's nervous system" Ashton spoke as we all stared to the screen.

Ashton laughed lightly as he zoomed to the face of the baby

"He or she is camera shy, it's covering its face" Ashton laughed out, showing the side of the head, it's hand covering the face.

"Stubborn ass" Casey laughed.

"I have absolutely no idea where that gene came from" I spoke sarcastically, kissing Casey's head

"Shush" she laughed out, making me laugh with her

Ashton wiped the gel off of Casey's stomach, and I helped her stand, watching her go to the exact spot we always take the picture in

I took the picture, comparing it to the last, seeing a good amount of growth.

"Two more appointments and you get the gender" Ashton spoke, making her almost immediately brighten up

"But we're doing a gender reveal" I spoke, seeing her eyes shoot to me

"Your mothers wishes" I raised my hands defensively

"You guys really suck sometimes"

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