2018: Chapter 11

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*Nick's POV*

What was I thinking? I just yelled at Clarissa after she said that... she couldn't see me anymore. I knew it was my fault. Because I broke up with her I caused her a lot of pain. She was scared to tell me that she was pregnant because of what I did. I couldn't even think about the break up without breaking down into tears. I loved Clarissa with everything I had, and I just let her go.

*Clarissa's POV- 3 years ago*

"Nick calm down!" I yelled at my boyfriend, who was on a rampage of anger all because of a stupid magazine. "ADMIT IT! YOU CHEATED!" Nick screamed. I felt tears well up in my eyes. My own boyfriend is accusing me of  cheating after I was caught talking to an old friend of mine. His girlfriend was next to him the entire time we were talking. "Nick listen to me" I said calmly. "GET OUT" he screamed. I was shocked. "What?" I choked out. His anger grew. "GET OUT! WE'RE OVER! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!" He yelled. As I was packing my suitcase, I was crying hysterically. I loved Nick so much and after two years, he now wants to throw me out? I took off the ring he gave me and put it on the bedside stand, then walked out, completely heart broken.

*present day*

As the phone was ringing I had flashbacks of mine and Nick's breakup. I ended the call and started sobbing. Why would Nick accuse me of cheating? Now he yelled at me for telling my best friend a secret that made me feel guilty. All of a sudden I saw bright lights out of the corner of my eye. A car that ignored the stop sign on the cross section. All of a sudden, everything went black.

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