City of Stars

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2nd Person POV

And another failed attempt for a date. You parked your car outside of your apartment building, rushed up the many flights of stairs because the elevator is TOO SLOW, and stumble your way into your shared apartment.

This is how weekend usually go. Find some hot looking guy on Tinder, go out on a date in New York City, and then some bad happens on the date. Nothing seemed to work whenever you went out on dates. FML.

"Y/N . . ." Harrison starts as you rush past him out of anger. By now, he's used to you coming home like this. Angry, sad, hungry, lots of emotions could be described for you.

You slide yours and your best friend's shared room door open, it was cheaper to get a giant bedroom rather than two bedrooms. By convincing Harrison to live with you in New York seemed to be a big commitment for him, and for Tom. To the two boys, New York was thought of a safe house for traveling around the world.

You slammed the giant doors closed as your change out of your fancy dress. You go over to Haz's side of the room and steal his oversized hoodie and sweatpants to put on. It's comfier than your own clothes, so why not, and he lets you wear his clothes as well. You slide your phone into the pocket of the sweatshirt, and rush back out to the kitchen.

"Y/N . . ." Haz starts again, but only to be ignored again. You run past him, and just out the kitchen window and onto the fire escape.

Tears have started to prick your eyes, by now Haz has had to know that your date failed again, or was it your door slamming? You ran up the fire escape, up to the roof of the building and laid down on the flat surface. Your eyes scanned the stars in the sky, briefly making out different constellations. Small tears ran down either side of your cheeks as you heard footsteps coming from the fire escape next to you.

"Harrison, you don't have to keep doing this you know." You snap in a harsh tone. He freezes on the creaking stairs, but continues climbing up, ignoring your last comment.

"You have no idea," Haz mumbles as he walks over to me. He sets down a pillow next to your head, which you gladly accept and pull it under your head. "Sit up; let's talk unless you don't want ice cream." He teases, wiggling a spoon in your face.

"Salted Caramel and Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl?" You ask and Haz nods his head, giving you a very wide grin. "Gimme that," you take the spoon from his hand and sit up on your pillow.

Haz sits right in front of you, placing the two ice cream cartons in the middle for you two to share. He took the first spoon full of Salted Caramel and smiled over at you.

"Do you wanna talk about what happened now?" This is how conversations usually started, very awkward.

You take a spoon full of Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl, and shake your head no. Haz mumbles an "okay" before you start to ramble. "This is how it started; Damian took me out to a fancy restaurant, which clearly saying on my profile that I hate those. I swear he bought some of the most expensive things as well, and he ate like a pig! And to make things worse, he 'supposedly forgot his wallet' at home, meaning I had to pay for everything. So much for wanting to buy the new book and movie I wanted." You whined like a little puppy.

Haz ran one of his hands through his hair, taking in your mess that you laid upon him. "That guy sounds like a douche, did he even do anything romantic?"

You give off a fake laugh, "not even a kiss on the cheek. But who cares, not me, because he's not my soulmate so I don't care!" You try to yell over the loud streets of New York City. Haz left this conversation stop, he doesn't want it to continue and neither do you.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. "What about you, have you found someone to go on a date yet?"

"Nope and they don't plan to," Haz says in his smart-like attitude.

"Come on," you whine, putting your hand on his knee, "Harrison you are in your early twenties and haven't found someone yet, which isn't a bad thing, but you need to get out there!"

"Maybe I already have," Haz says as he stuffs the Swirl ice cream in his mouth. You raise an eyebrow at him, looking at him in confusion. He throws the spoon back into the ice cream carton and sighs. "Y/N, what if you have already met your soulmate and you've known her your whole life and haven't realized it yet."

"If you're saying I should head back to Y/City and find myself a high school hottie from a couple years ago?" You complain and lay your head back down on the pillow.

"Or maybe," Haz begins as he picks up the two cartons of ice cream, "he's right here with you."

You look up from the pillow to see Haz walking back down the fire escape with the ice cream. Is he talking about himself? Well he is really the only one who has ever been there for you, past, present, and could be the future.

He's you soulmate and he's been with you this entire time. "HARRISON OSTERFIELD GET BACK HERE!"

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