S1Ep2 - "Diner Dash" Part Two

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[[Aeba's Diner, Segment 10]]

Enna Satruvetsky Quilxoss dashed from table to kitchen to table during the lunch rush at Aeba's diner. One table would be in her sights and then her ears would pick up on "Enna, two plates of Febdash!" and as she was on her way to the kitchen window she would hear a customer ask, "can I get some more punch?" but as she delivered the Febdash and went for the punch-dispenser she would hear a "do you serve honey-baked hams here?" from a clearly confused Terran visitor from one of the isolated Terran colonies. Exhausted, but determined, she continued her duties.

Aeba herself took orders at the counter, fending off the lusty barbs of Al and Bart, the pair of usual spacers who seemed to spend more time eating and drinking than travelling the stars. Aeba took down an order and called back to the kitchen, "Niv! Hurry up with that bacon!"

Niv called back, "hold 'yer horses!" He was the robust Terran man in his early 50s who worked in the kitchen. He was a bit of an enigma in that he was a fantastic cook, but opted for a humble diner as his place of employment. Even odder was his mastery of foods that were outside of his Terran background. Enna often wondered how Niv found his way into the Serreven when he could have cooked anywhere he wanted.

"What the hell is a horse?" Aeba asked, confused.

Niv, who piled the bacon onto a plate and slid it out the window, replied, "it's an idiom."

Enna stood beside one of the booths, taking the order of a family of Kemezeckians when, just out the window, the Grey from earlier in the day passed by, accompanied by a tall Terran woman. Enna tracked them around the corner toward the door, and dove behind the counter as he pushed the diner door open.

Aeba leaned down and stared at her only waitress, who was ducking behind the counter.

"Girl, what are you even doing?!" Aeba asked.

Enna stood up, clutching a wastebasket to obscure her face from the visiting Grey. She glanced through the metal mesh, and then back at Aeba who was still puzzled by all of this. Enna smiled sweetly and replied, "just checking up on the trash level.... yup, we're okay."

Aeba rolled her eyes. "Alright, funny. I'll take care of the family over there, you help the pair that just entered."

Enna turned to see the Grey and the Terran already situated at a window booth.

[[Aeba's Diner, Segment 10]]

Angn leaned back against the thinly padded booth as he continued regaling Maxine with his story, "yeah, I'm kind of amazed at my luck so far. I was about to lose my apartment back on Teslovia. I mean, I straight up chewed through my three years of savings as a programmer."

Maxine flicked idly at the datapad sewn into the sleeve of her jacket. She looked up at Angn. "It sounds to me like the station can benefit from your good fortune."

The pair looked up at the waitress who approached their table. She seemed to be hiding her face behind her order-pad. Her voice cracked slightly as she asked "hi, welcome to Aeba's, can I take your order?"

Angn recognized the voice instantly and shot up out of the seat, supporting himself on the table. "It's you! I never got to thank you for saving my life!"

The waitress peeked over the top of the pad, her eyes wide in recognition. She was blushing just under the pad. "It's nothing really."

Angn laughed, "no, it's everything, believe me." He fished into his pocket and pulled out her keycard. He held it out to here. "You left this behind, hopefully it'll help pay you back."

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