Chapter 5- Are You Preparing for School or War?


If looks could kill, I would be six feet underground by now.

As soon as I saw Brittany glaring at me in Sam's café, I regretted the second I decided to show my face in public with Danny Mason. What was I thinking anyway? Telling him everything that happened with my mom, and Mikey. Even the cutting! Even Christy didn't know about that! Why did I trust this guy? He was a player and was going to break my heart! What the hell was I thinking! Stupid, stupid, Idiot! I wanted to slap myself. Brittany was no doubt going to kill me. If what I did in Delilah's wasn't bad enough. I was now going to be accused of stealing her precious boyfriend! And why would I even begin to have feelings for Danny? He was a taken man and this was going to end in heartbreak! Stupid, Idiot girl, to innocent and trusting for your own damn good! And that's the thing! I didn't trust. Anybody, except maybe Mikey and Christy, maybe even Chris. And there were things I kept from them too! What on earth possessed me to trust freaking Danny Mason? Ughh, I am going to die today!

"Fayelynn, close your mouth you'll catch flies," Danny joked and I snapped out of it to scowl t him.

"You joke? She is going to rip me to shreds and eat me for breakfast," I snapped at him, even though he didn't deserve it. Pathetic girl, why can't you just stand up for yourself? Weak, Pathetic, stupid, foolish and naïve. I wanted to rip my hair out!

"I can handle this, just stay calm," he instructed me, he quickly turned around and saw that Brittany was heading towards us. Panic started to set in. You know in those movies where it appears that they entire place has gotten really quiet and everybody seems to have their eyes on you? No, that didn't happen here. Except for the few people that went to our school, everybody minded their own business and continued enjoying breakfast with their families.


Whoop, there it is! Was it bad that I almost smiled; this was exactly what I was expecting? Oh, and you know what I said about everybody minding their own business? Throw that out the window. Every pair of eyes was on the little booth by the window. Us, if it wasn't clear enough.

"Brittany, calm down. It isn't what it looks like," Danny stated in a calm, collected voice.


"THAT'S ENOUGH BRITTANY," Danny held his hand up and stood up, "If you want to hear what really happened, then we will go somewhere else to discuss this, not here," he said in his normal tone. He pulled out his wallet and paid for the drinks and food. We filed out of the café and I tried to ignore the curious looks and concerned stares from the people of the restaurant. We went to Danny's car and stood there, looking at each other. In. Total. Dead. Silence. What do you say in a situation like this?

I'm sorry that your boyfriend saved my ass and has been the only person, from our age group, to treat me with respect, if not kindness?

"YOU PATHETIC LITTLE, BOYFRIEND STEALING BITCH! YOU COULDN'T GET YOUR OWN MAN SO YOU DECIDED TO TAKE MINE?" She turned to me and yelled at me, I cringed at her tone but chose to stay quiet.

"That's enough, Brittany-"Danny tried to cut her off,

"YOU ARE STANDING UP FOR THAT?" ouch, Brit, you couldn't have really cut deeper than that.

"STOP! BRITTANY, IT'S OVER, WE ARE DONE!" Danny yelled. "I honestly don't know what i saw in you but if this is your attiude about everything, esspecialy this mean and cruel then we are definetly finised here."

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