S1Ep2 - "Diner Dash" Part One

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[[Segment 9]]

Angn D'Lazmuh found himself staring directly at the torso of a Terran woman, and a particularly tough looking Terran woman at that, who was quite obviously carrying a gun. His first day of his new job as the Administrator of Galactic Hub Serreven had gone from confusing, to boring, to dramatic with whip-like speed.

Angn took a step back. "Are you the detective?" he asked.

Maxine smiled and extended her left hand toward Angn, the traditional Terran greeting

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Maxine smiled and extended her left hand toward Angn, the traditional Terran greeting. He cautiously extended his own and she grabbed it, shaking it up and down. She looked disappointed in his lack of grip.

"Yes, I am a Federation Detective. I'm investigating a series of assassinations aboard the Serreven. I decided it would be in my best interest to meet you and stick to you for a while."

"Weren't you assigned to do so by Crash?"

She furrowed her brow. "As I said, it was in my best interest."

Angn nodded at her and offered a sympathetic smile. "I appreciate that. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of this."

Maxine tugged at the bottom of her jacket as it had ridden up and over her sides. "I'm sure we'll get you up to speed." She reached into her jacket and Angn noticed the small blaster inside. He glanced down at her legs, noticing a second blaster strapped to her right thigh. He wondered where else she had a weapon stowed.

"Speaking of which, this is for you." She pulled out what looked to be a watch and handed it to him.

Angn studied the watch-like object, confused. He looked up as Maxine. "Is this like a housewarming gift?"

Maxine laughed lightly. It was a surprisingly warm laugh that implied a boisterous, pleasant personality beneath the very image of the law she seemed to wear on her person.

"You wish. This is your control watch. It allows you to interact with the Serreven directly at any given time."

"Oh, cool," he said as he studied the watch.

It was a silver rectangle with a screen, some buttons, and a bluish grey band made of woven, synthetic cloth. He slipped it onto his wrist and tightened it to a level where he felt it was secure on his admittedly thin joint. He noticed one of the buttons, centralized below the screen was a rounded orb. He pressed it.

"Administrator?" DICC's voice echoed out from the watch.

Angn had a feeling that the button connected him with the station's AI. "Hey DICC, how is it going?" he asked.

DICC paused for a second. "Has it started already? I am going to close this comm channel." There was a loud click that ended the transmission.

Angn stared blankly at his wrist for a moment, and then turned to Maxine, who had seen the exchange. "Well, he's not the best person to talk to anyway," Angn offered.

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