Chapter 4: Angel's Son

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“I can hear your fingers sliding against the strings” Cory stated from where he sat at the piano, rewriting a part he was unsatisfied with. Frowning, Lea glared at the new tablature Cory had given her to sight read then stuck her tongue out at the back of his head. “You know the amazing thing about the glass in front of me? It shows your reflection” he added, unbothered by her sulky attitude. 

“You know what your problem is?” Lea questioned and walked forward to stand in Cory's line of sight. “You write this stuff and forget that you’re not the one who’s going to play it. Then you’re disappointed in me because my fingers don’t move as fast as yours” she stated and crossed her arms over her chest, wearing a mutinous expression. “News flash, my hands are a lot smaller.” 

“Which means that it’s easier for you to move between chords because your fingers won’t get caught up in the strings” Cory corrected and tossed his pencil aside, frustrated with both the music and Lea. 

“Maybe we should just take a break” Lea suggested, shooting him a pleading look. “Because frankly, you’re driving me up the wall” she bluntly admitted, ignoring the way he quirked his brow mockingly. “And truthfully, I have no idea how the two of us ended up with so many songs between us when our styles are completely different” she mused and nudged him over so that she could sit beside him on the piano bench. 

“It’s called sex, Lea” Cory retorted without remorse. “Every time things got crazy between us, we jumped into bed and used our anger in a way that got us both off. Then we sat down and started working all over again until we came up with a song.” 

“How’s it coming along, kids?” Ron popped in and asked, saving Lea from any kind of reply. Internally, she was thankful for his interruption and quickly jumped at the opportunity to put some distance between herself and Cory. With one sentence things had quickly gotten a little too personal for her liking. 

“Great” Lea smiled and went to retrieve her discarded guitar. “But I have to get going. I have a birthday party to help set up” she said to Ron, missing the small frown that temporarily marred Cory's face. 

“Can you give us a second?” Cory said though it was obvious to both Lea and Ron that it wasn’t a request. Nodding, Ron excused himself and swiftly left the pair alone again. “This is our third meeting and we haven’t even gotten through one song. Plus I haven’t seen any lyrics yet” he stated, shooting her an expectant glance. “Look Lea, you said you didn’t want to talk about all that stuff that happened with us before so I’ve kept quiet but I won’t for long if it’s the reason you’re lagging on this.” 

“I’m not lagging” she quickly defended. “But did you ever stop and consider how hard this is for me? Did it ever occur to you that it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to lock myself up in a room with you and bare my soul to your ears?” she demanded, her voice rising with each word. 

“Probably about as easy as it for me to lock myself up in a room with you and keep everything I want to do and say in check” Cory retorted and stepped forward until they were only a few inches apart. “Probably about as easy as it is to pour myself into your songs. To know that no matter how much of myself I put into them, I’ll still never have a piece of you to hold onto.” 

“Don’t do this” Lea begged and took a single step away. “It isn’t fair.” 

Cory opened his mouth to argue but one look at Lea's face had him biting back the words. “You should go” he murmured instead. “Chord and the others are probably waiting for you” he said, surprising Lea that he had remembered whose birthday it was. “I’ll fix the tabs… make them small hand friendly” he offered and turned back to the piano when she tried to say something in reply. 

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