Robert Henry

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Robert stayed in England until 1565 and his marriage was arranged. He was arranged to marry Ayse Hümasah Sultan, who was the granddaughter of the great sultan Suleiman and his wife Hürrem Sultan. When Robert arrived in Istanbul, he had to convert to Islam and forget about his past as an English prince. His name was changed to Habib Sultan. Once he was officially part of the empire, he could marry 24 year old Ayse Hümasah. 

Ayse Hümasah was beautiful by all accounts. She was a true Ottoman Princess. Her mother was Mihrimah Sultan and her father was Rüstem Pasha. She definitely had her mother and her grandmother's beauty. She had long curly ebony hair, olive skin, and dark brown eyes. Robert was enchanted with her beauty and her intelligence. She was very clever and witty, which Robert enjoyed. 

Their marriage created an alliance between England and the Ottoman Empire

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Their marriage created an alliance between England and the Ottoman Empire. Their marriage was a very happy one. They were very much so in love. Robert thrived in the Ottoman court. He assisted Selim II as he came to power when Suleiman died the following year after their marriage. He was Selim's second in command, Selim trusted him to keep the Empire safe and his niece safe. Robert stood by Selim's side as his rule was challenged. 

In 1569 Ayse was pregnant for the first time. Robert was overjoyed when he received the news, all he wanted was children. Selim's wife Nurbanu helped Ayse through the whole process as she had given birth four times before.  Ayse gave birth to a son, Robert was over the moon about it. Their son is named Ahmet. Three years later in 1572, Ayse gives birth for the second time and has a son. He was named Emir. 

Two years after Emir's death, Selim Sultan II died, leaving his 28 year old son Murad to rule. Robert supported Murad on the throne. 

Four years after the birth of Emir, Ayse found herself pregnant again. Robert prayed for a little girl, he had sons and he wanted a girl. Ayse gave birth to a son named Halim in 1576. Robert was slightly disappointed with another son, but it subsided. His wife was healthy and so was his child. He felt blessed by his god for his three sons. When Halim was born, Robert's oldest son was seven and Emir was four. 

Robert was happy with Ayse and his three sons. He was content with his family of five. 

Two years later Ayse told Robert that she was pregnant again. Robert was once again overjoyed by this news. Like he did the last time he prayed to his god that Ayse would have a girl. He wanted a little girl so bad. All of his siblings had daughters, and he was told how much joy they brought. 

Six months into Ayse's pregnancy her mother fell ill. Ayse was distressed to hear the news, she fainted when she was told. Robert worried about his wife and his unborn child, he couldn't bare loosing them both. He was also worried about Mihrimah, who had basically become his mother since his own mother was unable to travel. In October of 1578, Ayse gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Mihrimah was on her deathbed when she was told of the news of her latest grandson. She requested that he be named Murat, which would have been the name of her son if she had one. Ayse fulfilled her mother's request when she named her son Murat. One month after Murat's birth, Mihrimah died. Ayse and Robert were heartbroken, they lost a mother.

When Ayse's oldest son turned twenty-one in 1590, she became seriously ill. It was two months after his marriage to young woman in the Harem. Ayse had a horrible cough that some times resulted in blood coming up, she also had pain while breathing. A year after becoming sick, Robert forced Ayse to stay in bed. He would care for her until her death three years later. He was by her side everyday. 

In Ayse's last year, her eldest son had his first child. His wife gave birth to daughter, Ayse asked that she be named Mihrimah after her beloved mother. Ahmet complied with his mother's request. Ayse died in her sleep several days after her 53rd birthday. Robert was absolutely devastated by Ayse's death. He became a recluse afterwards, he didn't come to any public event or any family get together. A few weeks after Ayse's death, Robert passed away in his sleep. His sons said he died of a broken heart. Robert was buried beside his wife in his mother-in-law's Mosque. 

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