Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


After being pushed here I looked around for a light swich but there wasn't any!

I looked for a phone or any plugs,but nope! Father had to have this room set for me!

There weren't even any knifes! I would have stabbed myself to death!

I started crying.

There no use of me now! Taylor docent care about me,father thinks I'm a horrible daughter and ray needs to still find out the truth!

So what's gonna happen?

There's only old heavy furniture and bugs!

What going to happen if I live?

And if this had never happened.

I'd tell ray the truth,he'd get mad at me and leave me anyways,if end up with Taylor and the companies will become one,I'll live in that land that father bombed! I'll live my whole life not being loved,Taylor will keep calling me stupid and he'd meet Nicole and marry her,while i will be left..all alone.







I lay down on the dusty floor,I was getting sick and sleepy.

⚡️❄️⚡️Taylor's (POV)⚡️❄️⚡️

That night after I dropped off my family back home.I had to go meet Nicole!

I parked the car into the parking lot.

"Michael,corlos and brad! Take our bags into our rooms!"I yelled out the window.

The three servants came rushing and took the bags.

" should rest now,I'm going to go to... A friends house."I said nervously:

"I don't want you to think I forgot about that girl you were talking about over the phone! Nicole was it?"she asked.

"Mother I told you! I'm just playing with her I'm dumping her today,I'm your son and I will not let you down."I lyed.

I hate lectures! Don't do this or that!

It's my life then why are you living it!?

"Ahh now you said something worth listening to,look at olivia,that sweet girl she's never done anything with out her parents knowing! She is so much better than you! She is going to marry a guy like you and still she listens!!! Her father must be proud of her! Oh and remember Taylor! That at 9:10 your taking rose with you to take pictures for the wedding cards!"mother brags on.

"Yeah."I said.

She jumps out of the car and comes to my window. It was late at night.

"When are you going to come back home?"she asked.

"Mother I spent two days with you and my love,now I have a lot of work that is plied up and a lot of people I'm going to meet.bye!"I said as I took the car out of the big parking lot. Mother waved at me,and I waved back!

I turned the music on and the song was some Song I've never heard before...a slow song but the lyrics matches me..and it stood out to me.


Were gonna walk together...


I really,really wanna get to know you better!

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