TWENTY-THREE - Salt of the Earth

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January 8th, Tuesday

So, it looks as though I might have my volunteer gig all set up and I think it's going to be awesome. It's all thanks to Norm, who came over after dinner tonight and said he'd heard from Misty that I was looking for some honest work for a day or two for school credit. I told him that was correct, and he passed me a slip of paper with the name, Clyde Scott on it, as well as a phone number.

Norm said that Clyde had lived on the island for decades, and was a well-known woodcarver, and that he would probably like some help in his wood shop, as he was getting on and had arthritis in both of his hips.

I thanked Norm, and then showed him Peterson, who, by the way, looks seriously badass in his biker jacket and aviator shades. Norm said that the "blighter" seemed transformed, and I said I thought so too, though in actual fact, I think my hiding his cheap dollar store marble eyes behind the shades has a lot to do with his new, confident look.

Norm then went on to say that he'd had to find a new place to hang his truck keys, and since gifting Peterson to me, now slips the carabiner of keys over the tail of a paper mache dachshund that Misty made when she was eleven. Still, he did look a little forlorn when he stroked Peterson's ear, and I told him he could come and visit him whenever he liked, but he just scoffed and said he was glad to be rid of the dusty varmint. In all honesty, though, I think secretly, he was quite touched by my offer.

After he'd left, I called this Clyde dude and told him I could come tomorrow if he needed help and he said fine and then gave me his address. He didn't say much of anything else. He was gruff and appeared to have a bit of a nasty cough, and I imagine that lungs full of sawdust is an occupational hazard of working with wood.

"Look at us," my dad said when we were stoking the fire for the night. "Just a couple of rangy woodsmen. Salt of the earth, we are."

I think his falling in love with Misty has made him a bit of a sentimental idiot.

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