27. Studio Loving

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"Mink put that where you got it from" I said feeding Rihmere in one arm

I stood up when I heard the doorbell ring.

"Yes finally" I said answering it knowing who it was
"Okay so Nicki is at the studio, and I brought food for the kids" Candi said entering the house with a pizza box in her hand

She past it to me and took Mere out my arms while doing so

I walked in the living and sat the pizza down.

"Guys Candi is going to be watching y'all" I told the kids who were obviously paying me no mind
"Just go" She laughed
"Thank you" I said hugging her slightly

I grabbed me a set of my keys and went into the garage. I didn't know what car the keys was for I just clicked the button to unlock the door and it was the Black BMW I8. I ran over to the car and hoped in and sped off to the studio.


"Play it back Juice" I told him and before he could respond Meek walked in
"What's up" He said dapping up Juice

I turned around and ignored him.

"Want me give y'all some alone time" Juice asked
"Yes" Meek said
"No" I said giving him the death glare
"Sorry Meek I gotta listen to boss lady" Juice said and I flashed him a small smirk
"I understand" Meek said walking up to me picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder
"PUT ME DOWN" I yelled as he carried me to the back room

"You love making a scene" He said throwing me on the couch in the back room
"You love cheating" I spat back
"Onika Tanya Maraj I didn't cheat" He said and I rolled my eyes
"Why is it always you and another female and I'm always the last one to know" I said as he ran his hands over his head
"Onika you know I didn't have any intentions on getting back together with you" I looked at him like he was crazy
"I didn't either" I said defensively
"I know my whole thing was to come home do what I needed to do for my kids not make two more in the process or none of that" He said
"Okay and"
"But I do think having another son and adopting one made me better like the old Meek would've never told you none of that I wouldn't have even adopted Kingston" I shrugged
"I know I fuck up but New Years you were so excited about signing your new artists, then next day Kingston started crawling, Mars had a fever day after that, our family was just being a family and you know how you stress if King or Mere even sneeze so I just put off telling you what happened"
"Yeah I guess you right" I mumbled
"You just fucked up so many times it's just hard you know" I said and he nodded well
"Well you're the only person I want to be with I don't even stare at other girls asses anymore"
"You use to do that" I asked
"Besides the point" He said and I rolled my eyes
"Onika Tanya Maraj" He said getting on one knee
"Will you marry me" He asked and I chuckled
"Yes, I never wanted to give you the ring back in the first place"
"Now this time you cant take it off especially not over an ugly ass bitch or a petty ass argument" He said and I nodded
"I promise I won't" I said hugging him


Finally we walked back into the studio after fixing our problems.
"Juice you still here" Nicki laughed
"Yeah" He chuckled
"Well you can go home" Nic said

After Juice went home Nicki played me back a few songs.
"Okay I like em" I said as she smiled at me like a big ass kid
"You do"
"Yea but you know what I like more" I asked her and she looked at me
"What" She asked clueless
"You" I said before putting my head in the crook of her neck and kissing and sucking on it
"Meek we're going to break something" She chuckled trying push me away

I ignored her and brought my lips up to hers and sucked on the bottom one as she paid me no mind. I smiled knowing exactly how to get her so I slipped my hand in her leggings and thankfully she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Meek" She moaned
"Gimme me kiss" I said circling my finger around her clit

She gave me a small peck and I deepened. She finally started to kiss me back so I slipped my finger inside of her.

"Rihmeek" She moaned against my lips as I pumped my fingers faster inside her

I felt her walls tightening around my finger so I pulled them out and she looked at me with her bottom lip pocking out

"What" I asked licking her juices off my finger
"Why you do that" She whined

I lent down and kissed her so she could taste herself on my lips.

I picked her up from out the chair and took her to the couch and laid her down. I pulled her leggings off and kissed her inner thighs, then ran my index finger down her slit.

"Meek" She whined a bit
"Hmm" I asked playing dumb before starting my feast


"Meeeeeeek" I said exhaustedly

He had made me cum 3 times with just his tongue. He made his way up to me and pressed his soft plumped lips up against mine. He stuck his tongue in my mouth but not before sticking his fingers inside me. I gasped as his two fingers first entered and thrusted inside me.

"MEEK IM BOUTA CUM" I yelled out as he used his index finger to press up against my g-spot and circulated his thumb around my clit.

Before I could climax he took his fingers out and I suck my teeth. He laughed at my before patting my thigh signaling for me to get up.

I got up as he pulled his pants down and sat down. I walked over to him and his erected partner and straddled him. I slowly sat down on and then started to ride.

"Fuck Nicki" He said smacking my ass

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