My Eyes 2 - Chapter 6

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"He got rid of the woman and teleported to the driver's seat. Then we drove off like nothing had happened," Eliza said, stretching her arms. With a smile, she leaned back and rested her head on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "It was so awesome..."

"It sounds like it was," Bianca mumbled, not hiding her jealousy.

"You should've been there! You'd love seeing that in person!"

"It wouldn't make any difference. I don't have any power like that..."

Eliza noticed Bianca's tone and smiled to the girl she loved. "Even though you don't have any power, you're awesome. You're more awesome than most people I know."

"Yeah, thanks for the pity," the redhead said with a forced smiled.

"I'm not! I really mean it!" Eliza added in a hurry, but that only made Bianca chuckle.

"I know, I know. But c'mon, we're not here for this." She got off the bed and sat on the floor. "We're here to study."

"That's not a huge change of subject at all..." Eliza made no effort to hide how listless the idea made her.

"It doesn't matter. There's less than two months until the National High School Exam. You need to study."

"If there's so little time, there's no meaning in studying, don't you think?" Eliza knew that was only a lame excuse. But she felt no desire to study at all. "At this point, I'm one of the musicians on the Titanic."

Even though she had already told Bianca every little detail she could remember, the girl still wanted to talk about the amazing and unbelievable situation she had witnessed. Eliza was so hyped about that there was no way she could focus on the books.

"You're not on a ship about to sink, so you have to study" Bianca gently flicked her girlfriend on the forehead.

"Ouch!" Eliza exaggerated, getting a smile from the redhead. "I thought you loved me... How can you hurt me like this?"

"I do love. That's why I want you to stop wasting time."

Eliza looked at Bianca with the most seductive glance she had. But it made no difference; her girlfriend was too focused on the studies. The girl gave up and let out an exaggerated sigh.


With great effort, she leaned over the coffee table and stared at the exercises before her. But no matter how much she tried, she couldn't concentrate. Every couple seconds her mind wandered to what happened at the docks.

Eliza hadn't even finished reading the first problem when she groaned and placed the pencil between the lips and nose.

"This is so boring and useless... When I'm gonna use something like this in my life?"

"During the exam," Bianca said right away, holding back a smile. "The exam is part of life."

Eliza couldn't help but laugh. "You've been wanting to use that ever since you saw the meme, wasn't it?"

Bianca smiled and said nothing, turning the page of the manga she was reading.

Eliza focused on the problem again. But after she finally read, she had no motivation to think. It's like I didn't even read... But if I can do this, maybe Bianca will reward me...

With that in her mind, she managed to finish the problem. But there was nothing in her that could make her even glance at the second exercise.

The exam is in less than two months... 190 questions and an essay in two days... Just thinking about it makes me tired, the girl thought, lying on the table.

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