{Chapter 3}

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Marinette groaned quietly to herself, slamming her head against the closest wall near her.

She was back in her brightly colored pink room, her backpack discarded on the chaise and her hair falling around Marinette in small waves, the ribbons that held aforementioned hair together now abandoned at Marinette's desk.

Of course I have to go confessing my love of Adrien to Alya when he's in the same room. And talking ever so loudly of course! Marinette groaned again, her midnight hair swishing as she whipped around and began to pace her room, crossing her arms as she tried to calm her racing heart.

Dear god Adrien was difficult to be around! Whether that came to the instinctive blush she felt around him, the way her heart began to race, or the hurricane of emotions that whirled in her mind whenever she was around him, it was still all the more difficult!

Stifling another groan, Marinette trudged to her desk and plopped down into her chair. As she did so, Tikki zipped out of her satchel —which Marinette had placed more carefully next to her backpack since Tikki was sleeping and would probably not enjoy hitting her head, even if it was against the soft matress that made up her chaise. The small Ladybug Kwami sighed, slightly rolling her eyes at her friend before stating in her high pitched voice, "You know, Alya is partially right. You act as if you like Isaac! And it's obvious he likes you!" She exclaimed, throwing out her small arms in what could only be exasperation.

Marinette groaned again, this one smaller and more pitiful as she placed her arms on the table, crossed, and then placed her head over her arms, hiding her face from view. "I knooooowwwwww." She said, her voice muffled as she spoke into her arms, "But I can't help it! And I don't know why!" She whined, lips in a confused pout as she lifted her head back up, resting her chin where her forehead had just rested a moment ago. Tikki shook her head. "You can't nope around forever and act as if you share Isaac's affections!" She continued, "Unless... You want Isaac to see you like him back and get his hopes up! Or are you over the whole saving Adrien thing?" She jabbed.

The kwami knew it was low, but she was desperate to finally get Marinette into action. It's been far too long since Le Paon had taken control of Adrien, and the Cat Miraculous itself, and so that meant far too long where both Tikki and Marinette alike were unhappy!

Only, Tikki got snappy when she wasn't happy.

Hearing the jab, Marinette winced before facing her kwami. "Why would I ever be over saving Adrien?" She demanded, but her voice held no anger. It was more... Pain induced than anything. "I hate ... Well, I hate having to hate him, but I do. He's so... Different from the boy who saved me. From the boy who kissed me. From the boy who gave me birthday presents each year, presents each holiday, even if he didn't have to. I miss that boy. And I'm going to get him back... I just... Still have no idea how." She said, her voice cracking as her eyes revealed loads of pain and longing.

Longing for the boy that cradled her in his arms on stormy nights.

Longing for the boy that was so caring and gentle and kind, never ceasing to be amazing.

Longing for the by that used to love her the way she loves him.

And... Maybe he does still have something deep inside for her, maybe Le Paon has covered it all up. At this point, Marinette is far too tired, far too alone in the world, and far too defeated for anything like that to stand it to her.

But you can't blame her. Who could? She lost her boyfriend, a friend, her parents, and so much more all within weeks. And it wasn't that long ago either.

And Tikki, Marinette's lovigg and faithful companion, understood that more than anyone ever will. So, she backed off. With a reluctant glance at the skies out the window, she turned and flew away slowly, disappearing into a personal room Marinette had made for her as the sun began to set, and the young woman stared off into the distance.


Marinette has always believed there is a destiny for everyone.

She knows pain is inevitable.

She believes in true love.

She knows hearts are more easy to break than mend.

She believes in happy endings.

And yet... She knows happy endings don't really exist.

Not in her eyes...

Not right now.

From the bright and sunny days that used to make her smile shine all the more, to a cloudy gray sky, pouring rain, and a relentless frown. Marinette gritted her teeth slightly as she pushed against the torrent of rain that lashed against her legs and umbrella, wishing to every known God in the universe, in all existence, that her trusty black umbrella would hold up and give her some protection against the sky's dreadful tears and sobs.

Despite living right across from the school, it seems like an eternity before Marinette reaches the cover of the school's entryway, a soft smile replacing her friends she felt the rain stop tormenting her. Shaking her head rapidly, Marinette couldn't help the light laugh that escaped her as her hair whipped around, lashing her face with water. Patting it down, Marinett trudged into school, wishing she had worn her hair up today.

That certainly would've been the better option.

But there's always bad descisions, so what's the real harm?


Adrien grumbled rather loudly, upset when he couldn't hear his own thoughts above the wind that howled along the corridors of the school. Most people were safely in class, while Adrien had been late. He glanced around, spotting movement along the way, heading towards him, another student rushing around past this cold wind. He studied the figure, unable to make out anything other than the body shape (revealing it was a female), but otherwise the wind made his eyes water and the figure was wearing a hood, both facts obscuring the girl from proper visuals.

Then, the person rounded a corner of the hall to face him, and Adrien almost tripped as he recognized Marinette. Clearing his throat awkwardly, he placed a blank expression on as he passed, completely ignoring Marinette as she passed him. Only glancing over his shoulder once, he felt his eyes widen As he saw she too was looking over her shoulder at him. He whipped around to face completely forward as their eyes met for two seconds, not sparing another moment before he sped up.

Dear god was it difficult to function around her!

Adrien already felt his ears heating up as he tripped over his own foot, stumbling slightly, unnoticeably, before standing straight again. Merely glancing into her beautiful eyes and he felt his legs turning into jelly.

Oh how he despised and loved Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

And then that lead Adrien to wonder...

What would today bring him?

What luck would he find before life snatched it away?

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