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prompt: Can I request one where Niall is blind, and they are all still in the band. He was blind before he joined X-Factor, fyi. So they are going to a signing and some girls are giving him hate for it, protective boyfriends? Long?


Niall had been born blind.  And because of that some people didn’t think he saw what they were doing.  They figured as long as he’s sightless he’ll never notice us. That was quite the opposite. Sightless doesn’t mean clueless.

He could hear when people were talking behind his back; he could feel the hurtful words that would float in his mind for days at a time.  Constantly reminded that because he couldn’t see people thought differently of him. Rarely was that a good thing. 

Though once he’d signed up for the X-Factor he’d felt better. People loved his voice. They loved that even though he was blind he didn’t give up.  Then when he’d been grouped with four other boys he’d been nervous. Expecting them to be just like the kids back at school that made fun of him. They’d been nothing like those terrible kids. They were loving and caring and did all they could to remind Niall that they loved him.

Every time they performed they’d press butterfly kisses to his eyelids and murmur, “You’re perfect and beautiful and we love you.” And every time that happened he got closer and closer to believing them.  He’d never physically seen himself before, but the boys continuously said he was beautiful and he loved them for that.

He loved them for other things too. Like not changing around him when they realized he was blind. They still joked around and roughhoused with him just like they did with each other. Each of them had proved that they loved him no matter what.

Niall couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face. Thinking about how nice he boys had been to him, and how they were still so nice to him.  He’d never expected to be loved so much. Not even his parents had loved him this much, as they were slightly disappointed in him being blind.

Currently Niall was seated next to Liam and Zayn at a signing. He knew the motions well enough to sign the CDs, though he had to ask for help every once in a while so he didn’t sign over something.  Zayn was happily helping him and most of the fans were supportive and said, “Thanks, I love you.”

Though as Niall let Zayn guide his hand to where he needed to sign the fan muttered under breath, “Retard.” Niall heard it loud and clear, but Zayn didn’t seem to hear. Shrugging it off, Niall smiled at whomever had called him a ‘retard’ and reached for the next object he was to sign. A CD. Good he could sign those.

After he scribbled his name onto the plastic he grinned from his chair, but the girl just sneered, “I don’t even know how you’re in the band.” Once again it was whispered so quietly that only Niall’s heightened sense of hearing caught it. Flinching Niall’s smile dropped and he wordlessly signed the next few CDs.

Thankfully the next girl chirped happily, “Thanks so much Niall! You’re amazing!” Though the comment lifted his spirits, the next girl instantly shot them down as she hissed, “Nobody really likes you. They just feel bad for you.”

Frowning Niall tried to ignore the hurtful words, but they were beginning to hand inside his head, just like they had when he was younger.  Taking a deep breath he grabbed for whatever he was signing next. His hand landed on a flat smooth paper and he instantly recognized it as a poster. Zayn reached over and whispered, “Let me help you with that babe.”

Letting the older boy move his hand Niall hurriedly signed, though the girl just like the last growled, “You shouldn’t be in the band. You’re not as good as the other boys.”  Liam however just heard the last remark and his attention snapped to her, “What did you just say?” Niall couldn’t see it, but he could hear the fear in her voice as she stammered, “I-I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry.”

The girl scrambled away quickly and Niall could hear Liam huff, “Niall, if anyone says something like that again just tell me, yeah?” Nodding Niall smiled, “Thanks Li.” A hand ruffled his hair and Liam said, “No problem love, here’s the next poster.”

Zayn once again helped him sign it and Niall smiled when the next few girls either said nothing or said they loved him. He was beginning to think that everything would go smoothly when a girl spat at him, “I honestly don’t believe you’re any good at all. Just get the fuck out of the band.”

This time it was Zayn who snapped, “Excuse me?!” Niall could feel Zayn stand up and he looked in the general direction of his boyfriend as he snarled, “If you think you can come to our signings and say shit like that then you shouldn’t even come.” The girl didn’t say anything but Niall could hear her retreating footsteps.

“You ok, Ni?” Zayn asked softly as he sat back down. With a slight nod Niall felt arms wrap around him, “I love you, Ni.” Smiling Niall replied, “I love you too.”

“Alright boys! Only 5 more minutes!” Paul’s voice called and Niall let out a sigh of relief that this would all be over soon.

As the last few girls went through Niall was beginning to feel a bit better, but the good feeling was soon destroyed when the last girl hissed, “You’re worthless. You can’t sing or see so what’s the point of even being alive?” Niall dropped his head not wanting anyone to see his face. Maybe he could just disappear and hid forever. That would be nice.

From the other side of the table Niall heard Harry growl, “The hell did you say? You did not just say that.” Louis’ voice seemed even more menacing than Harry’s as he yelled, “Who do you think you are!? You have no right to say that to him! He’s a great singer and he’s absolutely perfect!”

“If he could actually sing maybe I’d agree with you!” The girl snarled, but by the shuffling of feet Niall could tell she was being dragged away by security guards.

“Niall?” Harry’s voice cooed obviously concerned for his blond boyfriend. “Don’t listen to a word she said. You’re amazing and probably the best singer of all of us.” Niall lifted his head looking in the direction of Louis and mumbled, “But what if they’re right? I’m not nearly as good as you all.”

In less than a second Niall was being tackled into hugs from all directions, “Never say that again,” Zayn whispered into his hair. “You’re better than all of us combined. We love you so so much Niall. Nothing she or anyone else said is true. You’re perfect.” Harry mumbled and kissed his forehead.

“Just because you can’t see, doesn’t make you anything less than perfect.” Liam said and Louis couldn’t keep the anger out of his voice as he murmured, “Those twats know nothing about you. Not like we do. So listen to us when we say you’re amazing and we love you.”

Niall let out a strangled sob and gasped out, “I-I love you guys so much.” As the boys all whispered ‘I love you,’s  back Niall felt loved again. The thoughts in his head slowly disintegrated into nothing. Nothing but the thought that the boys loved him and that he wasn’t alone. The boys loved him and that was all he needed

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