Chapter 21

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His Sex Kitten:

They were all packed and ready to leave by midnight, going out the back way and down the stairs to the underground parking. After the bags were put in the trunk he opened her door for her and waited until she was seated before going around to the driver's side. She was excited about going away with him and was curious as to where they would end up. During the drive, she told him more about herself and he also told her about himself. After a little over four hours of driving, they ended up in Santa Ana, Ca.

"This looks like a good place to stay for a few days," he said when he pulled up to a hotel and parked in the parking lot.

"Don't we need a reservation to stay here? It looks kind of fancy," she asked, looking up at the hotel.

"Usually you have to but since it's not their busy season we shouldn't have a problem getting a room." He gets out and going around opens her door then takes the bags from his trunk.

They were in luck, there were plenty of rooms and had no problems getting one of their finest suites.

She took a look around and sat on the bed, smiling at him. "The room is beautiful, but we could have stayed at one of the least expensive ones. I can't wait to go exploring and seeing the sights, I hear they have some cool museums."

"Tomorrow baby, but right now I want to rip off your clothes and do some really naughty things to you." Taking off his shirt he moved closer and laid her back down onto the bed.

" Taking off his shirt he moved closer and laid her back down onto the bed

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Her hands went onto his head and she drew him in for a kiss. She loved the feel of his strong arms on her, the way it felt when his shaft got hard and pressed against her. Her nipples grew hard, her core hot and throbbing and she felt her panties getting damp. He had this power over her, one that could get the fire inside her rising. She undid his pants when he pulled off her dress and threw it onto the floor. Her hands moved over his muscular back when he spread her legs open and entered her swiftly, making her gasp. For over an hour he licked and sucked every inch of her, making her beg him to stop teasing her. He finally gave in, giving her what she wanted, what they both wanted.

Morning:  Kyle let out a grunt when he felt her weight on top of him, she was bouncing and rubbing his chest, trying to wake him.

"Kyle, wake up, it's morning and I want to go out sightseeing."

He opened his eyes, feeling his manhood growing. "If you keep jumping on me like this the only thing you're going to see is the ceiling."

Realizing the effect she was having on him she jumped off him and out of the bed. "I've already had my shower and made you coffee," she said, picking it up hands it to him. "Drink this and go shower."

Taking a look at her over the rim of the mug he takes a sip. "You're awfully bossy."

She smiled back at him. "I just want to enjoy the time here."

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