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Prompt: I just wanted to ask if you could a zianourry prompt about how Niall is the shortest and how they have to get stuff from him sometimes and Niall doesn’t really like it cause it makes him feel like a child but the boys just love it?


Niall let out a loud laugh as Louis and Zayn continued their argument over whose hair looked better, both of them having spent over an hour to make it look perfect. While Harry attempted to make peace between the two, Niall figured he was better off staying curled up in Liam’s arms. 

“At least I didn’t have to use 50 cans of hairspray to make mine stay!” Louis sassed and Zayn glared playfully, “You mean let yours lay boringly flat? Oh look at me, I’ll just sweep it to the side and say it’s the best!” “Guys, both of your hair looks great!” Harry tried but failed, as the two continued fighting.  Giggling softly Niall snuggled further into Liam’s side, the older boy easily keeping his arms tightly around the blond.

By the time they’d made it to the studio Louis and Zayn were having a stare down as Harry’s eyes flicked between the two of them anxiously waiting for who the loser would be. Finally Zayn broke eye contact and Louis let out  aloud whoop, “Ha! My hair’s better than yours!”

Rolling his eyes Zayn mumbles, “Yeah, yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.”

Making their way into the building is, to say the least, challenging, especially with all of the screaming girls in between the door and them. Keeping a secure hold around Niall’s waist as they get out of the car Liam never once lets the shorter boy out of his grip, knowing that if he did Niall would be lost among the crowd.

The blond shuddered just thinking about when that had actually happened. He’d been fussing about being so short they had to hold onto him and refused to let them anywhere near him even though they were on their way to the concert.  He’d soon realized that maybe having one of the boys hold onto him wasn’t such a bad thing. The fans had gone crazy on him, and because of his smaller size he’d easily been slipped through the security and had almost lost his clothing to the girls grabbing at him.

Niall had decided long ago that being short was the worst thing about himself.

As the five made their way to the room they’d be rehearsing in Liam loosened his grip on the boy so they were just walking hand in hand down the hallway. Once they’d made it to the room they’d be rehearsing in Niall sighed, because goddamnit this was the fourth time in the row the microphone’s been an entire foot taller than him. Honestly, he looked like a freaking toddler.

Standing on his tiptoes to adjust the height of the microphone Niall scowled when he heard Harry chuckling a little next to him. “Oh shut it,” He muttered making sure the height was right for him before turning to glare at the taller boy. “Sorry Ni, you just look so … cute.”

Niall just glares and rolls his eyes before they get on with the rehearsal.


The next morning when Niall wakes up he sees that three of his four boyfriends are still in bed with him. Zayn must’ve already gotten up to go get ready for the day. His hair did take a while after all. Somehow managing to escape the tangle of bodies Niall makes his way to the kitchen, where Zayn is cooking breakfast for all of them.

“Morning.” Niall grumbles in his half asleep state plopping himself down at the kitchen table. Glancing back Zayn smiles, “Good morning sunshine. How’d you sleep?” Instead of answering the question Niall lets out a grunt and buries his head into his arms. Laughing Zayn asks, “Why’d you even get out of bed if you’re going to sleep in here?”

“I’d just have to get up again anyway, and we’ve got that interview later.” Niall mumbles into his arm, making it slightly difficult for Zayn to understand. Shrugging the older boy hummed, “Well if you’re just going to sit there you may as well make yourself useful and set the table. The other boys should be down any minute.”

Groaning Niall pulled himself off the table to grab the plates and silverware. Opening the cabinet to get the glasses he frowned seeing they were on the highest shelf possible. Looking over at Zayn he cursed, the older boy was still flipping pancakes. Using the counter to steady himself he pulled himself up as high as he could to reach the glasses. Just managing to skim the edge of one of the glasses his tongue poked out a little with the effort he was putting into it. Just a little more.

“Do you need some help?” An amused voice asked from behind him, and he turned to see Louis standing at the kitchen doorway hiding his smile behind his hand. Huffing Niall stepped back and frowned because even Louis could reach the glasses! Handing Niall a few glasses Louis held the rest and together they placed them on the table, a pout staying firmly on Niall’s lips.

“Aw, don’t worry babe. We don’t mind getting stuff for you.” Zayn laughed kissing the smaller boy’s cheek as he started placing plates of pancakes on the table.  “I hate being short and you all are assholes.” Niall grumbled sitting down to start eating. 

The smell of waffles must’ve made it to the bedroom because in seconds both Liam and Harry were joining them as well, just hearing Niall’s statement.

“But you being short gives us the chance to be super protective!” Liam pointed out and Harry nodded, “Plus you’re just fun sized! Small enough to fit in our arms for a good cuddle and incredibly cute when you can’t reach something and you get that look on your face.”

“Yeah that one!” Louis grinned pointing at Niall’s scowling face.

“You guys are the worst.” Niall muttered going back to his food. Louis leaned over to place a wet kiss on the boy’s cheek before saying innocently, “We love you!” Rolling his eyes Niall didn’t look up.

“And how short and fun sized you are!” Zayn added hopefully, grinning when he saw the flash of a smile on Niall’s face. “Yeah, whatever, I love you guys too.”

Being short was still the worst thing in the world to Niall, but at least the boys made it a little better.

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