Adelaide Catherine

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During the same year that her eldest brother was crowned, Adelaide was married to Frederick II who would the next king of Denmark and Norway. Frederick was five years older than 15 year old Adelaide. Frederick wanted nothing to do with her for the first several years of their marriage. He spent most of his time with his many mistresses. Adelaide wrote to her mother of her unhappy marriage. Serena felt horrible for her daughter, she came to her daughter's side in 1557. 

In 1559, Frederick's father died and it was now their turn to rule. Frederick was crowned King of Denmark and Norway and so was Adelaide, but she was crowned Queen in her own right. Being crowned this way meant that when Frederick died, Adelaide would continue to rule until her son was old enough. Adelaide was happy with her new title, it gave her more power. She dismissed most of Frederick's mistresses and sent them away. 

They lead separate lives for eighteen years, before Frederick was forced to produce legitimate heirs to the throne

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They lead separate lives for eighteen years, before Frederick was forced to produce legitimate heirs to the throne. Adelaide gave birth to her first child, a son named Christian in 1573 at the age of 34. Frederick was happy with the birth of his son, his attention started to turn towards Adelaide. 

Adelaide couldn't forgive Frederick for his infidelity, so their marriage remained a political one and a loveless one. They did their duty as rulers to produce heirs, but that would be the only time they were intimate. Their second son was born in 1575 and named Lancelot after the fabled knight of King Arthur. Less than a year after his birth, Adelaide gave birth to twin boys named Mark and Miles. Two years later Adelaide gave birth to their final son, Oliver in 1580. 

Adelaide was 41 when she gave birth to Oliver, many doctors believed she wouldn't conceive again because her age. She shocked all the physicians when she gave birth three more times. In 1582 she gave birth to her first daughter Constance. Denise was born two years later in 1584. When Adelaide conceived for the last time she was about to be 47, shocking the world. She gave birth to a stillborn daughter named Ellen in 1586. 

She was heartbroken for several months, but she knew it was because of her age. She was almost 50 and was pregnant. Most women stopped having babies when they entered their early forties. 

Two years after the birth of Ellen, Frederick became seriously ill. He was confined to his chambers and Adelaide was left to rule the countries. After being sick for nearly six months Frederick died, leaving Christian his eleven year old son as King. Adelaide ruled for seven years before Christian was old enough to rule by himself. 

Five years after Christian became King, Adelaide became very ill. She wasn't able to walk without assistance and she could barely hold anything. Christian and his wife sat by her side as she took her last breathes. Christian was devastated by his mother's death, as they were very close. Christian's wife had to take over for several months because he was so upset. 

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