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Emma had August come by to put a special lock on the door so Regina couldn’t use her keys top get in, so no one could get in. It was a weird looking lock, it was made out of wood and it slid over the door into this little holder thing. It reminded me of a lock from the old ages or something, did they have locks then?
‘’No one is getting through that’’August said coming back into the apartment.
‘’Wow. When are you installing the torture chamber? ’Emma asked jokingly.
‘’Your like it? I call it medieval chic’’August said. I rolled my eyes.
‘’That’s a wonderful name for it’’I said crossing my arms.
‘’I don’t care what it looks like. As long as it keeps Regina and her skeleton keys out’’Mary Margret said.
‘’You’re pretty handy for a writer’’Emma pointed out.’’Where’d you learn how to do all this?’’
‘’Wood shop. Eighth grade’’August said
‘’Oh, speaking of school, we have to get going. Elizabeth grab your stuff’’
Yay another day of boring school. I rolled my eyes and I walked over to the table and grabbed my backpack.
‘’Um, are you sure you’re ready to go back?’’Emma asked
‘’After a stint behind bars, how tough can a room full of fourth graders be?’’
I laughed slightly and I strapped my backpack on. I walked over to the kitchen counter and grabbed my lunch.
‘’Besides aren’t you the one we need to be worried about?’’Mary Margret said. Why would we need to worry about Emma?
‘’Me? why?’’Emma asked.
‘’Well, you did threaten to take Henry away from Regina. ‘’August said
So they are talking about that stuff now. Are they secretly dateing? They wouldn't be bad together. It seems like im always trying to get people together, i really need to think about opening that dating service.
''Oh, that wasn’t a threat. Im hiring Mr.Gold to help build a case against her’’Emma said.
‘’Good luck with that’’I said taking a bite of my apple. Emma looked at Mary Margret.
‘’She tried to frame you for murder’’Emma said.
‘’But you do know what happens if you win?’’Mary Margret said
‘’and your ready for that?’’I asked
‘’To be his mom’’Mary Margret added.
I smiled a little. She deserves to be happy, with Henry.
‘’Code red, code red’’I heard Henry say through the walkie talkie.
‘’Hey, Henry. What’s going on?’’Emma asked picking up the walkie talkie.
‘’Meet me at granny’s. its an operation cobra emergency.’’
‘’im on my way’’Emma said. Well sounds like fun and I get to go to school.
‘’Get your coat on, liz’’Mary Margret said handing it to me. I rolled my eye sand took my backpack off and I put the jacket over me and then my backpack.
Regina called me to ask if I would take Henry to dinner after his session. She had some work to do and couldn’t make it to dinner. I agreed and I walked to granny’s were I was meeting Henry. I saw him in a booth and I walked over.
‘’Hey’’I said, sliding into the booth.
‘’Hey’’Henry said looking up from his storybook.
‘’How is operation cobra going?’’I asked folding my hands on the table.
‘’Someone added a new story’’Henry said flipping a page to show me. I leaned over and saw it was the story of Pinocchio.
‘’Do you think that someone put it in when It was missing?’’I asked.
‘’im not sure. But its weird’’
‘’Defiantly’’I said. Why would someone add a story to his book? Henry flipped a page and I saw my story apparently. Princess Roselina.
‘’So, why wasn’t I in the snow white movie if im her sister?’’I asked
‘’Because you were kidnapped. You are the lost princess. Haven't you heard of the story Snow white and Red Rose? ’’Henry said pointing to a picture that kind of looked like me.
‘’Yeah i have. I was kidnapped by Peter Pan, right?’’I said crossing my legs from under the table.
‘’Yeah his story isn’t in here, but he's in your story’’Henry said pointing to a picture of a meadow and two figures sitting by a lake.
‘’Well Disney got it wrong’’I said laughing slightly. Henry smiled at me before taking a drink of his water.
‘’So what are we getting?’’I asked looking at the menu.

Authors note:
I liked that little scene with Henry! I will try to update again tonight, if i cant i will try to update tomorrow. But im pretty sure i can update more tonight. BTW, i actually got the idea for this story when i read Snow White and Red Rose in school.

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