2018: Chapter 9

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*Clarissa's POV*

As I was driving home from Court with Mason and Kehlanhi, I couldn't stop thinking about Nick. Why did he kiss me? Why did he say that he loved me? Was this all true? Was Nick still in love with me? I pulled up into the driveway of Demi's house. "Mommy when we get to see daddy?" Kehlanhi asked me. I smiled. "Starting tomorrow you will get a whole week with Daddy. Because mommy has to work okay?" I said happily. The twins nodded. All of a sudden I felt a buzz in my pocket. It was a text from Nick.

N: Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?
C: Tonight?
N: Yes
C: at your place?
N: yes. At 7:30
C: Won't Priyanka be mad?
N: She's going to be away for a week. Plus we need to talk
C: Okay. I'll be there at 7:30

I got the kids out of the car and inside the house. "Hey! How was court?" Demi asked. "Nick and I got a joint custody agreement" I said, smiling. Demi smiled. "That's awesome!" She said. "And... I'm going to his place for dinner tonight" I said, drumming my fingers on the counter. "Ooooo, that's nice" she said, then giggled. I bit my lip. "Nick kissed me" I blurted out. Demi's eyes widened. "He did what?" She questioned. I took a deep breath. "After we signed the custody agreement, Nick kissed me and... he said he loved me" I said. I was so confused on what to do. Was Nick being sincere or was he doing this act just to break my heart again?

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