(the boys) so cute I want to BITE YOUR FACE OFF

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The boy with the hair looks longingly towards the protein line as they walk past it. What flavor is protein anyway, he wonders. Everyone in the line is dressed in clothes that look like they were awesome at one time but now completely suck - dull and stained and torn and dusty. No one looks like they're having fun or psyched about their meal but at least they have something to eat.

"Wait so where are we going who are we going to see how far away is it?" he calls ahead to H8bunni.

"I know this guy whose brand interacts with this other brand that can probably help." Her fingers lightly brush the butt of the boy with the butt as her hand finds his. She laces their fingers together and pulls him along after her. "Don't worry. No cute boys are going hungry while I'm around."

A look of What choice do we have? passes between the boy with the hair and the boy with the eyes, but it's interrupted by the boy with the eyes tripping over a small pile of trash and tumbling into a much larger pile of trash.

His friends laugh and pull him back to his feet.

"I AM SO F*CKING SICK OF ALL THIS TRASH EVERYWHERE," the boy with the eyes screams.

"I knowwww it's all so tragic and romantic," H8bunni says. "But what can you do."

"It's not romantic it's disgusting. And what you can do is put it somewhere else."

H8bunni stops and gives him a look like Are you freaking kidding me. "Wait are you seriously not caught up?"

"Caught up with what? Our screens don't work here, remember?"

H8bunni's face brightens like she's been gifted 100k followers. "OK! Well! I'm going to get you caught up. So much has been happening and I am desperate to process it with someone and everyone else here is so lame. Spoilers ahead. SO!"

She talks (and talks and talks) while she leads them down the street, away from the protein line and deeper into the Thornes. As they travel, the boy with the hair notices the interactive ads that were covering most public surfaces start to thin out, walls are blank in a few places, and everywhere there are blank walls they've been filled with stickers, graffiti, chalk drawings, the hand-made culture of people saying I am here. Even though the city looks messier, unkempt in this section, its grittiness balances a realness, an authenticity he didn't even sense was missing from Wood2 as a whole until now. The boy with the hair pauses and tilts his head to read the messages these hand-produced signs are delivering. "Monstakid" the graffiti says. "Dedyung" and "DecayFac3" the stickers say.

"Melidoptera disappeared first and accusations were immediately cast and denied," H8bunni is explaining. "It looked like it would be a battle over a simple kidnapping, which frankly we've seen before. Normal. But! Then! Kexopentine disappeared too. Which seemed, obviously, like a retaliation by the Moracel clan. The families have drama going back however long already, centuries, probably. But they of course denied it and you can imagine how that went over with the Kexolins. So each family is blaming each other for their sons being missing and it's an all out war. They're too distraught to deal with Trash and Recycling, understandably, but-" 

"Moracels are in charge of trash and Kexolins are in charge of recycling, right?" The boy with the butt asks.

H8bunni smiles like Who's a good boy??? "See this is why we're so good together! Yes, and Kexolins also manage composting but that's new. Anyways where was I? Sons both missing. So this goes on for days, each side thinks the other stole their kid, they've each lost the sole heir to their side of the clan, right? Awful. Lots of threats and insults as you can well imagine. But THEN! IT TURNS OUT! Melidoptera & Kexopentine weren't even dead. They were in hiding. TOGETHER. They had planned the whole thing, BECAUSE THEY WERE IN LOVE. CAN YOU EVEN FREAKING BELIEVE THAT SH*T." H8bunni smacks the boy with the butt on his butt for emphasis with each syllable. "Like, ugh. Imagine you're in love with this person and they're from the one family you're not allowed to ever be with, you know? It's unbearable."

"But then the families are so relieved that their sons are still alive that they agree to stop feuding, right?" the boy with the butt asks.

"Ha ha NO. The families still refuse to believe this love is possible, one of them must have brainwashed the other. Both families blaming each other, threats escalating in every scene. Neither clan is willing to allow this relationship. It seems like there's no way out, because there isn't. So. I'm sorry to tell you, but: Melidoptera and Kexopentine kill themselves. Because what else can they do. It's basically the most romantic thing ever. Achingly tragic. And then these two clans that have been at war for centuries realize, like: Damn homey, our hatred caused us to lose our only children."

"Awww. But then the grieving families see that their warring ways inevitably lead to tragedy and they agree to stop feuding? So there's kind of a terrible silver lining to it?"

"You are so cute I want to BITE YOUR FACE OFF. I mean look at all this trash piling up. Hell no that didn't happen. It's war, and it's only going to get worse. Phew it feels so good to talk about that IRL. I love that you guys are so wrapped up in your own narratives that you had no clue what's going on. I really respect that. OK we're here."

H8bunni stops in front of a shabby and poorly-lit doorway that looks exactly like every other shabby and poorly-lit doorway on the dark and trash-filled street. She turns to the boys, inhaling deeply. "You ready? Totally sure you want to do this?"

The boy with the eyes scans the building. "Uhh why wouldn't we be?"

"Idk. Nothing's free in life, and whatever you desire will undoubtedly extract a terrible toll from you."

"Who are we here to see?" the boy with the butt says.

"A guy I know. He can possibly accomplish things. He's associated with this...brand? I guess? They're a group of idiot men, kind of a loosely connected style concept with a fervent set of firmly-held beliefs."

"Like a religion?"

"Yeah! Totally. That's a good way to put it."

"We can handle it," the boy with the eyes says. "Let's go."

They enter. The boy with the hair hangs back and takes one last look around, scanning the building. "This feels familiar to me," he says, to no one, then follows them in.


PHEW that was some good info about the trash situation, finally. If it sounds very similar a boyxboy version of Romeo + Juliet, yes that is exactly what it is. Except it's not over yet. MORE soon, we're actually going to stick with H8bunni & the cute boys for the next scene. xokf


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