The Visitors

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I'm not sure what woke me up, but I did know sure that my neck was killing me as I did. I rub my neck with one of my hands, while I turn my head to look at Percy. He was still fast asleep with his head lying on my shoulder and had drool trailing down his face and onto my shirt. I slightly shift under him and life him into my arms, then I lay him softly on the bed and pull the overs up and over him.

That is when I heard what woke me up. There was knocking at the door. Very loud knocking. "Zeus and Hades are going over there tomorrow morning to check up on you." Dang it! I sigh as I make my way down the stairs. I really don't feel like dealing with this right now. There was more knocking as I made my way down the stairs. This time it was louder. I quicken my pace and glare at the door. At this rate, they were going to wake up Percy.

I yank the door as I whisper yell, "What?!" I then felt slim arms squeeze me tight.

"Poseidon! Are you and Percy okay? I heard the crash and I kept trying to call you, but I never got an answer!" I heard Hestia say, really loudly.

"Shhh!" I hush her, putting a finger up to my lips. "Percy's still asleep!" I look up from her to see Hades and Zeus standing there, staring at me.

"Oh, sorry!" She whispers, and steps inside the house while Zeus and Hades stays outside.

"Poseidon, we don't need to whisper. He is upstairs." Zeus rolls his eyes and Hades smirks.

I give them both a death glare. "Is there a reason you both are here?"

"Look, as hard as this is to say, I come to apologize. Ares shouldn't have said the things he said. He was wrong to do so." Zeus says, and my eyes widen in shock. Zeus never apologizes.

"I appreciate that, brother. I don't think I will be having Ares near my son again, though." I say and Zeus just nods. "What about you, Hades? Why are you here?"

"Nico and Thalia has been bothering both Zeus and I about seeing Percy again and making sure he is okay. I came to ask if that was okay and when if they could see each other again."

"Couldn't both of you just called?"

"Now, Poseidon, we both now you wouldn't have answered either of our calls." Hades states, and I have to admit that he had a point.

"I'll have to ask Percy." I say and Hades nods. "Good day, brothers." I conclude, and go to close the door in their face, but, unfortunately, Hestia stops me.

"Poseidon! Don't be rude!" She scolds me. "Invite them in!"

I stare at her incredulously. "Let them in?"


"No!" I said. Hestia must have lost her mind

"They have come all this way to check up on you and Percy. We could all have breakfast together!"

"Hestia, I don't want Percy to wake up and see them here and him feel uncomfortable. I won't do that to my son!"

"We can hear you just so you know." Hades chimed in. "Poseidon, if Percy wakes up and he tells you we feel uncomfortable we'll leave."

"See, Poseidon! Come on!"

"Fine, whatever." I say, although I am not happy about it.

I cook breakfast and give it to my guest. A couple of minutes later I heard feet stumbling down the stairs. I jump out of my chair quickly, and speed walk over to the stairs to meet Percy there. He gives me a questioning look, and I put my hand on his shoulder.

"What is it?" He asks, and I could see that he was worried by how I was acting.

"Look Hestia is here with Zeus and Hades. If you want me to I could tell them to leave." I said quickly. There was a slight pause.

"No, it's okay."

"Are you sure?"


"Percy, if you don't want them here, I'll tell them to leave. I don't care. I want you to feel safe.

"No offense, but you worry too much." Percy chuckles. "I'll always feel safe with you, dad. You freaking beat Gabe to a pulp! If that doesn't prove that I'll always be safe with you, then I don't know what will." Percy said like it was nothing. Percy trusts me no matter what to keep him safe. I felt my insides warm and I smile at him and nod my head. I wouldn't let him down.

We awkwardly go and sit down at the table, my hand not leaving Percy's shoulder.

"So, Percy," Hades starts and clears his throat. "Before you now what happened, were you having fun?"

"Yeah." Percy says, not looking up from his food. "Nico and Thalia are cool."

"Well, Zeus and I were wondering if you would like to hang out with them sometime soon?"

That got his attention. Percy looks up from his food. "Really?"

I might have been imagining it, but I thought I saw the corners of Hades' mouth smile up. It was too fast to tell, though. "Yeah, really." He replies.

We talk for a few more minutes, but soon Zeus and Hades state that they have to be getting back to Thalia and Nico. Hestia also decides to leave with them, stating that she has to be getting to work. Percy and I were still eating, so after they left we made out way back to the table and continue eating our breakfast.

Time past by, and we were both silent. A couple more minutes passed, until Percy spoke up. "Have you ever made blue pancakes?" He asked quietly.

"What?" I said, not sure that I heard him right.

"I said, 'have you ever made blue pancakes?'"

"Blue pancakes?" I ask, confused.

"Yeah." A pause. "My mom and I used to make them all the time." Percy said, eyes on his food. For the second time that day, Percy said something like it was nothing. This is a huge deal. Percy never mentioned his mom. This is a huge step. This is really showing me that he trusts me!

"Really?" I said, keeping my voice calm, even though I was jumping on the inside.

"Yeah." Percy said, eyes still on his food.

"I've never tried them." Pause. "I'd sure like to, though. They sound delicious." Percy looks up, and his eyes meets mine.


"Yeah, seriously! A chance to try blue food? I'm totally in!" I say, and Percy's face splits into a huge grin. "But, dude, you're going to have to show me how to make them because I have no clue what to do." I state with a laugh and Percy nods his head eagerly. "Well, let's do it!" I yell and jump up. Percy follows my lead, and together we start making blue pancakes.

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