John the bitch

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Corbyn: y/n. You know I do actually like you. I'm not a player I swear. I just like to flirt with you.
You: Corbyn.. I just got out of a relationship
Corbyn: i did too but I know your the one for me
You: ugh Corbyn as much as I would like to say me too. You know I don't move on that quick
Corbyn:I know hun so I'm ok waiting for you
You: thanks beanie
You and Corbyn go downstairs forgetting that kenzie has come
You: eww those disgusting pigs I forgot about them
Corbyn: I swear he's 15
You: nah he turned 16 the other day but still ew
Corbyn: let's go watch Netflix
You: John your disgusting
Kenzie: and your not? You little sl*t
You: kenzie your a hoe so I'd shut up if i was you coz I'm ready to fight and remember I'm a black belt in karate
John: babe just leave her she's just jealous
You: what do you mean I'm jealous. You prick! You go commenting on my Instagram post saying she was the best thing that had happened to me. That's actual bullsh*t
John: whatever your just a sl*t saying I love you to every boy you see
You: f*ck of John! Come on Corbyn let's go. When you turn around you see all the boys standing there crossing there arms
You: guys let's go downstairs.
They all go down and you follow behind Daniel
Daniel: he's actually really rude I swear I'm gonna fight him and kill him one day
You: don't waste your energy on that
Daniel: hehe
You: you sound like a girl

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