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taehyung nervously stood in the livingroom of jeongguk's house as he and all his friends stared at him.

taehyung played with the sleeves of his sweater and looked at the ground as jeongguk took note and smirked.

"taehyung, don't look at the ground. have you ever seen one of us bow our heads to someone? have you ever seen us being looked down upon?" the raven haired boy asked as he walked up to taehyung.


"don't stutter, it shows weakness." jeongguk said as he took his finger and lifted up the brunette's chin.

they now saw eye to eye and taehyung noticed that he and jeongguk were the same height.

this whole time he thought he was significantly shorter.

maybe it was the slouching he did in jeongguk's presence.

"don't slouch taehyung. do you have a low status? are you a nobody?"

"no mother."

"then shoulders straight and back and lift your head. you are a kim. not a failure. and lift that damn back! you'll give yourself scoliosis."

"yes mother."

taehyung readjusted his posture and showed off his broad shoulders as he sharpened his eyes.

he saw jeongguk let a small smile open on his face.

"now that's more like it. you're showing the part, now you have to live it."

taehyung gave a single nod of his head and forced his smile down from being praised.

jeongguk took one more step closer and leaned down to taehyung's ear.

taehyung felt the warm breath from jeongguk's mouth envelope his cartilage as he whispered to him.

"whatever happens in the end, just know this. you chose this life. and now, your fairytale's over."

taehyung pulled back and looked him dead in the eyes.

he learned fast.

"never had one to begin with."

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