Chapter 2.

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Scut was pacing back and forth like a crazed animal, and it was quite nearly driving Ella mad.

She sat cross legged, writing in her ever present notebook, which was open on her lap. She may have been only six, but just because her body was that old didn't mean her mind couldn't race ahead.

Currently, she held her pencil pointed towards the paper, the rubber end gently resting on the tip of her nose.

Ella often fell into this pose when she was thinking, and as of now, she was doing exactly that at a startlingly fast pace.

Her thoughts flew from one place to another, and all were kept to herself but one, which she expressed to Scut in a hushed tone.

"There had to be more than one of them."

"What makes you think that?" Scut asked slowly

"Think about it Scut! One must have grabbed Endi, and another had to be driving. "

"Couldn't he have taken her and then driven, you know, so there'd just be one of them, not...more?"

Scut paused, knowing Ella was usually right, then coming to the horrible realization that she could have underestimated the number of people in the car.

"Ella, what makes you think there were more than one?"

Ella's little face scrunched with frustration. "Don't you pay attention to anything?!?"

"Of course I do!" Just not when Endi is sitting so close to me... thought Scut

"Endi screamed, I saw two hands, then a door slammed shut and a we couldn't hear or see Endi anymore. There's no way they could have gotten away that fast otherwise..." Her bright eyes lost their light, and quivered with tears that didn't have permission to fall.

The last thing Scut wanted now was to see Ella cry, then he would have to come to admit how scared he was himself.

He pulled her not only from her perch on the curb, but straight off the ground and into his strong arms.

Yay! chapter two. The point of view is always third person, but it switches every chapter between what's happening with Endi, and with Scut and Ella. Again, please point out mistakes. (:


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