Mortal meet: Allyson Blofis

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Allyson's POV

I'm Allyson and today I have to go to a boring dinner with my uncle Paul at his apartment. I was told he has a stepson my age and he might be there.

-----------time skip at dinner---------

When I knocked on the on the door I heard a women yell "Percy can you get that for me?" "why do I have to?" "I'm making cookies." and after that comment I heard someone run over to the door. When the door open I saw an insanely hot guy. He had raven black hair, he was muscular in a good way, but the best part was his beautiful sea green eyes. "Hey I'm Percy you must be Paul's brother and his family come in." We were talking on the couch when Percy's mom said it was time for dinner. In the middle of dinner there was a knock on the door he opened it a yelled "oh my gods what happened to you guys!?" wait did he just say gods. oh well. then I heard the door shut and then a boy and a girl limped in. They both had blond hair and startling gray eyes that you could tell had a lot of intelligence in them. the girl turned and looked at us eating and said "I'm so sorry to interrupt your meal." then Sally said "that's ok Annabeth. You know you and your siblings are always welcome. And thanks for knocking on the door Thalia always just bursted in and Nico just sneaks into what ever room we are in and scares us." and then the girl Annabeth started to laugh and say "that seems just like them. And this is my brother Malcolm." Then Percy came back told the siblings to sit down and he gave Annabeth a kiss on the cheek then gave them a yellow square. He also have them a new shirt because theirs were ripped."We should get going. Thank you Percy." Malcolm said. "Thanks seaweed brain" seaweed brain? what kind of name is that. As they were walking away Sally asked "Are you guys hungry? We have enough food." Annabeth and Malcolm seemed to have a conversation with their eyes before saying "We would love to thanks Sally."

Percy seemed to realize that we were here and said "This is Annabeth my girlfriend and her brother Malcolm." And that's how I meet Percy and his girlfriend Annabeth.

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