intelligence - niall centric

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Prompt:  I will vomit tears if you do this. I just came up with this idea, and omg. M’kay, so Niall centric. The boys are in X-Factor almost, done. Niall is the youngest, but yet he doesn’t speak must, he just listens. For an X-Factor interview, the boys are asked to take the test to see what your IQ is, Niall’s number is huge, and basically he’s a genius


Niall was naturally quiet.  He always had been really.  Quiet around his family, and at school, but not his friends.  But that was more because he didn’t have any really.  Maybe that was really why he was so quiet anyway.  No, no that wasn’t right.  He was quiet because if he talked too much someone was bound to make fun of him. 

After all he was just that freak that got all A’s in every class no matter what.  Though it was highly probable the other children were just jealous of his intelligence he couldn’t help but let it get to him.  Was there something else wrong with him? Was it because he used bigger words when he talked? Of course he’d tried to take it down a notch when holding simple conversations, but still someone always had to sneer at him or shoot a rude comment about being a ‘fucking teachers pet.’

Which wasn’t entirely true because he was quiet around his teachers too.

Whatever none of that mattered anymore anyway.  He wasn’t at school now and he wasn’t ever going back. Not when he was so close to finally living his dream. 

People would suspect that with grades like his he’d go to UNI, become a doctor, or a lawyer, or something, but no he wanted to sing.  Singing had been a passion of his since he was a little kid, before he’d ever been told he had above-average intelligence.

When Niall was singing was the only time he wasn’t quiet.  Emotions that he kept bottled up in front of everyone else poured out of him when he was singing.  Singing was his only release and his dream was to show people that he wasn’t just that boy with the grades.  He was more than that and he was going to show them just that.

That’s how he’d ended up here in the first place.

Four other boys sitting around him, all of them a little shy, and all of them smiling as wide as they possibly could.  They may not have made it through as solo singers, but they were still in it, only this time with each other.  Niall had already watched the other boys auditions, and remembered them even if only slightly from boot-camp and really they seemed like a nice lot.  He really couldn’t have picked better boys than them. 

Almost instantly they were chatting it up, laughing like they’d been friends for years.  Even if Niall wasn’t exactly talking as much of the others, it was obvious that he was comfortable around them, and vice versa.  Chuckling at all of Louis’ quirky remarks and how Liam was constantly worried that they were being too loud.  Harry seemed more shy than anything, but he and Louis were getting along great so even if he was a bit hesitant to be himself around the others Louis made up for him. 

Zayn on the other hand was a bit more like Niall.  Quiet and calm, he didn’t really say too much and it was obvious he was nervous about just being on the X-Factor.  But Niall could tell he was more relaxed now that he had four other boys to perform with.  He didn’t look nearly as scared and lost as he did at the boot camp. 

Smiling Niall watched as the boys giggled at some crazy idea Louis had for a band name. Yeah they’d be a great group, Niall was sure of it.

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