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It was a normal day, everyone was drinking or chatting in the hall of the guild, suddenly all stopped before the great magic pressure that formed at the gates of the guild, a figure appeared, wearing a raincoat to the shoulders (more or less like the the admirals do in one piece) and a small travel bag hanging from the right shoulder, after looking from left to right takes off the hood of the raincoat.

(Y / N): It's the first time I've seen you so quiet, what happens have you seen a ghost?

Suddenly a wizard with pink hair charges count (Y / N) Screaming

???: now that you have returned we will be able to settle thing now.

Without warning the wizard stops dry and mumbles

???: No, I have to go with everything against Erza

This causes (Y / N) to raise a confused eyebrow.

(Y/N):Natsu has returned to the old ways?

He asks Mira who was behind the bar, she simply nods. (Y/N) begins to go to the bar answering the questions of his comrades.

Macao: Any clue of the dragon you are looking for?

(Y / N) shakes his head

(Y / N): Nothing, just a band of thieves who hid in a "haunted" cave

Mira: Are you going to a mission? 

(Y / N): "I have nothing in mind right now, I will stay in the city for a few weeks 

Mira: Perfect, Erza has returned 

(Y / N): I know, Natsu mentioned her 

Natsu: Yeah, because this time I'm going to win 

(Y / N): I dont doubt it brother, do you still have beers? 

Mira: Sure, I'll bring you a jar right away 

Cana: Hey (Y / N), do you want a drink contest?, I want to kick your ass again 

(Y / N): Not today, in fact I think you should stop drinking that much 

Cana: You eat electricity and I drink alcohol, everyone has its specialty 

She said as she started drinking directly from the barrel 

(Y / N): Whatever you say 

Mira: Here, your beer 

(Y / N): Thanks Mira

Suddenly everyone went out into the street, this caught (Y/N) off guard, look explains to you that recently Natsu, Gray, Happy, Lucy and Erza defeated a dark guild. this makes (Y/N) release a chuckle.

(Y / N): Natsu and Gray on the same team? Do not make me laugh. Those two cant work in the same team

a familiar voice suddenly sound

???: Hey (Y / N), finally you're back

(Y / N) turns and sees a certain ice magician in his underpants and a girl he did not know.

(Y / N): Yes, I take more time than expected, but finally I'm back.

???: Gray who is he?

(Y / N): I am (Y / N), Natsu's brother.

???: * Thinking * brother?, he has never mentioned it and they do not look alike?

(Y / N) snaps his fingers in front of the girl's face

(Y / N): And you are?

Lucy: I'm sorry, I'm Lucy 

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