13. Effect

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I cracked each of my knuckles harshly as I sat on the floor at the back of the small gym, waiting for Luke to walk through the door. I only cracked my knuckles when I felt nervous or anxious, and this was nervous. The last time I had seen Luke was our last session, which was five days ago as he had cancelled our Wednesday session as he was 'ill'. Bullshit.

A mere two minutes had passed and Luke walked the door, gym bag slung lazily on his shoulder, dressed in his usual black shorts and black t-shirt. His t-shirt fit him just enough to emphasises the muscles in his back and arms. He was undeniably gorgeous, and I'm not sure he knew the effect he had on me.

He sent a small nod my way while he grabbed different sized weights and set out our mats on the floor. I pushed myself up from the ground and rocked back and forth on my feet, debating if I should say something or wait for him to speak.

"So, what's the plan for today?" I asked timidly, deciding I should be the one to break the ice, praying it won't be awkward.

"We're working on legs and bum." He spoke, eyes fixed on the ground as he grabbed his tattered notebook from his bag, checking the routine he had planned out. I hesitantly walked over beside him as I glanced at the notebook to see the exercises he had planned out. I read his notes, appreciating his neat handwriting.

Closing the book firmly and throwing I on the floor, causing me to understand why it was so destroyed, he told me to start, making me go on different gym equipment and various floor exercises, each one I seemed to be doing wrong, making me fix it myself as he shouted demands at me.

"Here." He picked up a bar and placed it at the base of my neck, telling me to hold it firmly with my arms and squat with it. I nodded allowing him to know I understood and began my workout.

"You're doing it wrong, straighten your back out more." I again nodded, trying to straighten my back out.

"No, you need to make it straighter." He sighed as he stood watching me.

Something snapped in me as I turned to face him, "Why don't you get over what happened the other day and come over here and show me how to do it." I spoke bluntly, tired of his shit.

"I am over it," he smirked as he came over to me, standing closely behind me, "I just didn't want to tempt you into trying something with me again, it wouldn't be professional." He spoke softly into my ear, his hand placed firmly on my lower back as he squatted with me, keeping my back straightened out.

"Like this?" I spoke, managing to find my voice again.

"Perfect." He pulled away, causing me to let out a breath that I hadn't realised I had been holding in. The simple action of him touching my back caused my body to freak out, what was he doing to me?

"You couldn't tempt me even if you tried." I laughed lightly, trying my best to keep my cool. I think we both knew my statement was a lie.

"I could practically feel your heart racing and your body heating up just because I placed my hand on your back, I think I can tempt you Sky." He laughed, a cheeky grin on his face as he leaned against the wall staring me up and down.

"You're becoming too cocky Mr Hemmings, you need put in your place." I rolled my eyes, placing the weight on the ground and walking over to him.

"I, don't think you realise, the effect I have on you." I spoke softly, staring up at him as I placed my hands on his chest, slowly travelling down to his waist, pulling lightly on the band of his gym shorts to pull him in closer towards me.

By the smug look on his face, I could tell this is what he wanted, he wanted me to take control, to make the first move which could potentially lead to another heated moment. However, I was not going to do this.

"I know this is what you want Luke, but I'm not the type of girl to have constant meaningless make out session with guys. So why don't you man up and ask me out if that's what you're wanting." I whispered in his ear, before pulling away and grabbing my things.

"See you next session Luke." I yelled as I left, leaving him to think about what I had said.

I do fancy Luke, and I would like to get to know him better, however I am not willing to play his games.


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