the perfect size - niall centri

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Prompt: Can you write a fluffy zianourry with niall centric? Niall is really really small and the boys love to cuddle with him


Standing up on his tip toes, Niall stretched his arm his fingers just inches away from the cereal box. “Just a bit further,” Niall groaned trying to further stretch his arm to the box of cereal. “Almost there Nialler,” he encouraged himself lifting his other foot into the air and stretching his other arm.

                The kitchen then filled with a collaborated sound of giggling. Placing his feet flat on the ground, Niall turns his head to see his four boyfriends trying to hold back their laughing. “What?” Niall asks feeling self-conscious all of the sudden; he can feel his face go red with embarrassment.

                “You are just so tiny!” Liam coos and walks over to place a kiss on his very short boyfriend’s blonde head.

                “I’m not that tiny!” Niall huffs crossing his arms over his chest. Okay maybe he was short, he was about a half a head shorter then Louis and was just short of five foot four, but he defiantly wasn’t tiny!

                “Okay, have it your way, but you are the perfect height for us,” Harry smiles showing his dimples, making his Irish boyfriend blush.

                “You guys need to stop putting food on the top selves,” Niall sighs glancing up at the box of cereal still out of reach.

                “Sorry babe, we forgot,” Zayn smirks.

                “You always forget,” Niall huffs and Liam barely stretches his arm to grab the box of food down for his boyfriend, “thank you,” Niall says as Liam hands the box to Niall.

                “No problem love,” Liam smiles and wraps his arms around Niall’s shoulders, pulling his back into Liam’s chest. Niall sighs, knowing that food will be placed on higher selves again, because his boyfriends think it’s cute that Niall is short and needs to ask for their help.


                “Come on Niall, we’re here,” Harry says shaking his sleeping boyfriend gently. The boys had just finished one of their concerts and had now arrived back at the hotel.

                “No,” Niall grumbled, closing his eyes again and lays his head back.

                “Snowflake, we are at the hotel, you can sleep once we get back into the room,” Louis smiled running his hand down Niall’s cheek.

                “But, I’m tired,” Niall whines and lays his head on Louis’ shoulder.

                “You can go right to sleep once we get back to the room,” Zayn says from outside the van, his arm curled around Liam’s waist with a sleepy Liam laying his head on his shoulder.

                “But, I want to sleep,” Niall whimpered cuddling deeper into Louis’ side.

                Harry paused for a moment to think; clearly his boyfriend had no plans of leaving this van to walk up to the hotel room, “so you are too tired to walk up to the hotel room baby?” Harry asks Niall and runs his hand through the blonde’s hair.

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